Top Ten Reasons to Use Print Management Software

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Print management software is developed to easily and reliably control and maximize printing equipment and processes. This program helps enterprises to centralize the printing management process. It also empowers companies to minimize printing costs and with a single interactive platform, helps track, manage, and control the entire printer network. In addition, mailing and delivery, rapid printing, and offset printing features are provided by the print management software.

How do unmanaged printers affect the business?

When companies take note of their costs, repairs, and equipment for printers are often taken into account, but the entire printing environment appears to be ignored. For certain enterprises, printing and paper systems are still part of a common workflow, and it is possible that the printing environment will never be totally removed. Therefore, investment in quality printer machines and a print management platform to supplement them is highly necessary for organizations. Without a proper management structure in place, the print environment will cost every company more than they plan in the following places:

Unnecessary/Excessive Utilization – When users have unregulated and unsupervised printers, thousands of prints or simply extra color ink are likely to be wasted by workers every day. Before having to print a finished product or another which prints all the messages in color, they can have an employee who does not require to operate a printer setup. Users can set rules for eliminating wastage in printing with Best Print management software such as automated double-sided printing or a standard black & white configuration instead of color.

Consumable Items – There is a greater risk that workers print for their own consumption, destroy prints, paper jamming takes place, and other occasions that allow more materials to be used than required when the printing environment is unmanaged. Buying incorrect printing supplies can also happen, as the disparity between two toner types can be as basic as a single digit disparity. These inaccurate orders are only dumped into closets, contributing to the accumulation of excess printing materials. Therefore, the use of many items or stockpiling incorrect supplies leads to lost money and increased downtime.

Outage – When the printers are offline, the jobs are more than expected to be too. The proportion of prints to copies has become 4 to 1, highlighting how critical printing is to the staff’s daily production. Users can reduce the time the staff waits on machines to back up and operate through an MPS supplier so that they can resume their vital processes connected to the printer.

High Energy Consumption – It can be as expensive as a constantly down printer to use the incorrect printer for the office. Not only would it be important to ensure that the printer is ideally matched to the styles of prints that the company does plenty of, but an ineffective energy system is also something to look out for. People are more inclined to get the printers better suited to the business needs when they have professionals in controlled print services evaluating the printing climate.

Unsecured Computers – They are also an access point for hackers as printing devices get smarter, link to the cloud, and help digitize our paper processes. It will leave the crucial documentation vulnerable and other parts of the enterprise unprotected by not ensuring that the printers are protected by the right surveillance systems. Unsecured printing machines can lead to data failures and hacked data may cost millions to get back without a controlled printing environment.

Why is print management software popular?

Here are the top ten reasons why companies prefer print management software.

  1. Lower Waste and Carbon Footprint – Print control tools, through the use of limits and print rules, promote safe printing and reduce paper, toner, and power use costs. Information on CO2 and greenhouse gases at a glance reveals the influence of the quantity of CO2 or tree volume.
  2. Apply Print PolicyPrint management software operates by intercepting print requests on the print server to monitor workers according to policies that foster positive behavior and implement it. To enforce strategies and enhance the use of computers, work filtering is used.
  3. Solve Smartphone and BYOD Printing – Print management software enables consumers to print and “bring your own device” (BYOD) from whichever mobile phone they use. Along with the OS, its location, the file type, or the name of the printer, all of these can be overcome by print management software when incorporated into the mechanism of print billing, accounting, and quota.
  4. Ensure Paper and Computer Protection – Print management software preserves sensitive information by ensuring that consumers release print jobs at the printing stage and decreases the number of unclaimed printouts. The protected print release requires user verification prior to printing, guaranteeing that confidential information can only be printed and collected by approved users. Print control may also be designed to require print permission to ensure that the printing of every job is approved by administrators, teachers, or system admins. Finally, the network can be secured from an increasing variety of external risks by print management tools.
  5. Track and Record Use – Real-time tracking and reporting encompasses all aspects of print/copy/fax/scan management, from comprehensive page records to customer, agency, system, or environmental impact overviews. In PDF, HTML, or Microsoft Excel (.csv) formats, print management software provides several reports out of the box. Users can read reports from every web browser, or plan them to be created and delivered via email automatically. By defining date ranges, processing and organizing the available information, users can set up reports to use own headers, and build reports with customized information collected.
  6. Quick Deployment – Configuration wizards load the server program and immediately find printers and MFPs on the server. Users can automatically build users and groups from directory resources, including Active Directory, Open Directory, and LDAP’s Novell eDirectory. Installation wizards also help users determine access privileges, page expenses, and quotas for users. The server program is optional and can be run remotely from a shared server, preventing local installation/deployment. Today, the leading print control platform applications with universal drivers connect with printers and MFPs from all major suppliers.
  7. Manage Remotely Manage Conveniently Print management software provides connectivity from every network location to browser-based operations, offering advanced monitoring and management solutions through an elegant user interface. Users gain access to a collection of online resources for real-time tracking of their own operations, querying their account balances, displaying receipts, and passing credit to other users.
  8. Integration with Intranet and Other Technologies – A customized web portal enables seamlessly integrating with the company’s intranet, and can integrate print management software with other IT programs through a completely defined API and programming framework.
  9. Scale Up Seamlessly – Interoperability for networks of all sizes, from five to hundreds of thousands of users, is enabled by modern software design and architecture.
  10. Maximize Uptime and Availability – Print management software offers a rigorous approach to preserving service by clustering (for cluster-aware databases) at the print spooler, application server and client, as well as automated failover protection against single failure points.

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