Top Five PLM Software for Small Businesses in 2021

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Product lifecycle management (PLM) helps businesses with the management of data and practices that are used in the design, engineering, manufacturing, sales, and service of a product across the entire lifecycle and supply chain. PLM has been in use since ages in the manufacturing space, but as of today, the term majorly refers to a software solution and a wider use case beyond only manufacturing. Since the focus on engineering has been increasing significantly, original PLM solutions have been created with the engineer in mind. Legacy PLM was created to help engineers increase productivity, accelerate time to market, and lower product prices. Today’s next-gen PLM software offers new benefits of product lifecycle management across the entire organization and helps businesses with quicker customer response and greater customer transparency, improved product quality even for complicated products, helping enhance revenue and reducing the time-to-market.

Top Five PLM Software for Small Businesses in 2021


OpenBOM is a digital network-based platform that helps manage product data and links manufacturers with supply chain networks. The software helps manage Parts (Items), Item Masters (Catalogs), Bill of Materials, Vendors, Planning, and Purchase Orders.  OpenBOM links several silos of data in the user organization in a single controllable linked process. This is the Best PLM software that Provide cloud-based and facilitates real-time collaboration. OpenBOM allows users to effortlessly share and collaborate data with the help of an online Bill of Materials from early design through all phases of engineering, manufacturing, and supply chain.

Arena PLM & QMS

The software helps businesses design, produce, and provide innovative products rapidly with its united cloud-based PLM and QMS platform. The software provider understands that contemporary product companies depend upon dispersed teams and global supply chains to create products and guarantee regulatory compliance for FDA, ISO, ITAR, EAR, and environmental compliance. The company also supports more than 1,300 complicated high-tech electronics and medical device clients around the globe to bring electrical, mechanical, and software designs into a single solution. Arena PLM software helps every participant through the entire product lifecycle to work together – increasing visibility and traceability. It quickens new product development (NPD) and new product introduction (NPI) by rationalizing processes, automating review cycles, and reducing errors to increase profitability.


Upchain is a cloud-based PLM solution that has a fully functioning PDM system inside it. Upchain PLM software has been designed to enable organizations to work together on the design, engineering production, and maintenance processes across their entire value chain. Upchain makes handling complex design processes simple. It facilitates dependable control over change management as data moves from suppliers through to clients and back down in a closed-loop manufacturing setting. With cloud placement and built-in workflow administration and project dashboards, organizations can keep all the stakeholders in the loop via an iterative design and development process.

Odoo MRP

Odoo helps businesses easily automate their manufacturing processes with the help of its Suite of Manufacturing Apps. Odoo’s one-of-a-kind database provides a completely integrated solution to MRP, Quality, Maintenance, PLM, and much more. Odoo MRP helps businesses with multi-level instinctive BoM tracking, which links with their complete inventory and product catalog. Businesses can simplify, restructure, and organize production via operations, work centers, and thorough steps. They can also skillfully manage budget analysis, time-tracking, and lot serial number traceability with ease.


Propel’s enterprise cloud-based PLM software is the innovation platform for future brands. The company provides the world’s only integrated Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), Product Information Management (PIM), and Quality Management Systems (QMS) solutions that enable businesses, their partners, and customers to deliver the best ideas to market. Propel PL software has created the only integrated PLM, PIM, and QMS solutions assembled on the Salesforce platform which is the world’s most protected, trusted, and supple cloud platform. The company’s SaaS PLM, PIM, and QMS software helps businesses collaborate better on all the product data that is needed for market success, and only takes a few weeks to get up and running.

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