Top Five Features of Brightidea Idea Management Software Which Make it a Better Choice for Businesses

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Brightidea is a cloud-based idea management software that has been designed specifically for midsize and large businesses. It provides communication tools and suggestion management capabilities. Brightidea idea management software also provides the discussion management function, which helps users by offering a collaboration platform to share and comment on ideas. It also allows users to see comments based on teams, subjects, and ideas on a physical map. The best
idea management software
provides a scoring mechanism which enables users to assess solutions based on their viability and cost-efficiency. Brightidea also provides a portal that helps users submit business proposals as part of a team or separately. Managers can then evaluate these ideas and decide on the sanctions of funds. It also enables users to equate projected and actual financial impacts after conclusion.

Top Five Features of the Brightidea Software

Quicker Idea Collection

While most other platforms demand substantial customization, Brightidea Idea Box is ready to go right from day one. The rationalized interface makes involvement easy and the mobile app enables association anywhere at any time. It allows businesses to easily track ROI and business impact with the help of a robust analytics engine that leads to educated insights.

Robust Innovation Pipeline

With the help of an always-on digital recommendation box for gathering ideas, it empowers the workforce to submit ideas whenever and wherever it is suitable for them, at their desks or on the go. It simplifies idea management by providing users with a drag and drop interface and instinctive idea assessment tools. Automation tools and webhooks allow managers to easily route winning ideas to their favorite project management or communication tools. Idea Box provides users with everything they need to gather, manage, and track the success of their innovation processes.


Bightidea’s feature-rich and cloud based platform has been created to maximize the resourceful potential of the team. The scalable innovation solution has been customized to the businesses’ precise needs, without charging for needless modules or services. The system can also upgrade tools to help handle and automate the augmented volume of idea proposals.

Ideas as Programmable Objects

Brightidea treats ideas as programmable objects that are enriched, developed, derisked, enhanced and eventually managed by innovation managers or line of business managers. Ideas are collected via the platform similar to contact records in a CRM, and are worked on by many cross functional teams throughout the lifecycle of the idea. Brightidea allows other communication and collaboration tools to interface with the idea object via webhooks and Restful JSON APIs to add more data to the idea object throughout the innovation process.

Dedicated Apps

With the help of dedicated apps, businesses can run the most common innovation events like shark tanks, dragon’s dens, hackathons, pitch days, solve challenges and many more . They can use these for easier tasks such as setting up subjects for design research and evaluation, or linking with colleagues to stay well-informed about market trends. Best of all, the solution also provides an app that helps the innovation system nurture its uncertain projects away from the forces of normal business.

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