Ten Reasons Why You Should Go for “Brightidea” Innovation Management Software

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Large enterprises as well as small startups are looking for innovative business strategies to drive their business outcomes. Best Innovation management software is used to convert ideas into reality with proper evaluation. The software tracks the way the ideas are progressing and also forecasts the return-on-investment if an idea is implemented. The demand for innovation management software is growing in markets significantly. Hence, the number of providers is also increasing.

Brightidea is one the leading players in the market offering highly advanced features in innovation management software. Finding the right software can be strenuous but Brightidea can make it easy. The company customizes the software as per user requirements and ensures that the software is well implemented. Still confused which innovation management software provider to select? Here are ten reasons why you should go for “Brightidea” innovation management software:

  1. #1 Customer-Rated Innovation and Idea Management Platform

Brightidea innovation management software is used by thousands of companies across the globe. A few of the top customers include Accenture, Amazon, Merck, Verizon, TMobile, Shell, BP, Lockheed Martin, US Bank, HPE, Dell, TD Ameritrade, Franklin Templeton, Southwest, 3M, Johnson and Johnson.

#2. Cloud Deployment

Brightidea innovation management software offers cloud deployment functionality. It enables users to save all data and ideas on the cloud, making your ideas and innovations more accessible, secure and safe. Multiple activities such as crowdsourcing, evaluation, team collaboration, cross functional visibility can be conducted on cloud digitally. Brightidea can accommodate all the innovation processes throughout the organization and can be configured easily to meet the requirements of different stakeholders.

3. Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is one of the key factors for any organization. If the employees are kept engaged, they will have a feeling of belonging towards the company which will keep them motivated. The software offers gamification features which are used for engaging employees for sharing their ideas, and also for rewarding them. It also empowers employees to share their ideas publicly in a safe space where they will receive appropriate credit and feedback for their contributions.

4. Professional and Technical Services

Brightidea offers professional services to help you develop your innovation strategy or rollout innovation initiatives such as Hackathons or department Idea Boxes. Their Professional Services Teams have decades of experience working with some of the world’s leading innovation practitioners and are ready to bring that experience to your innovation program. Brightidea also offers Technical Services that can overcome almost any technical limitations you may be facing including custom branded site design, native integrations with 3rd parties, webhook configuration, active directory syncing, local server hosting and much more. The company offers services not only before or during implementation, but also post implementation.

5. 19 Best Practice Innovation Applications

The company offers best practice innovation applications templates which users can easily setup and run on demand. These applications are designed based on numerous initiatives that corporate innovation programs are expected to operate.

6. Automated Idea Routing

The software lets users automatically route their ideas to the desired stakeholders or other business applications for further development and review.

7. Idea Progress Tracking

With Brightidea, you can track the progress of your ideas from the time ideas are submitted till the implementation of the idea along with its impact on business.

8. Idea Submission on the Go

Brightidea offers iOS and Android mobile applications which enables employees to submit ideas whenever they want. This offers freedom to employees to list their ideas whenever ideas strike them via photo, video, voice assistant or audio submissions.

9. Webhooks

With the use of Brightidea software, users can easily integrate the software with thousands of other applications. There is option provided via Brightidea rules engine to place push and pull request directly to and from Brightidea. This is used to push data directly from Brightidea to other required applications that enable incoming or outgoing webhooks.

10. Customizable Platform

Brightidea offers customizable innovation management software that can be designed based on the requirements of users. The company does not charge additionally for services which are not required by the customer.

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