8 Essential Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Website Builder Software

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A website builder is a software solution that helps in building HTML websites by doing away with the need to use manual coding. The system’s backend is where the definite web building occurs, while the website plan, structure, and outline are completed with the help of a user interface that is provided along with the tool.

Factors to Consider Prior to Choosing a Website Builder Software

Easy to Use

A website builder tool generally helps users with little or no understanding in coding, therefore it is imperative that the features are simple to use. These comprise the drag and drop functionality, drop-down menu for choices, and instant access to the editor. Many of the cloud solutions presently offer these features, while older on-premise website builder software tools need basic understanding in coding.


A website builder tool editor should allow users to modify and adjust templates to match their preferences with drag-and-drop features. Some tools only allow users to modify the color, background, and font. It is therefore important for users to choose the tool that allows them to rearrange the layout and edit all the elements. For complete flexibility, users should choose website builders with a choice to access the HTML and CSS codes. The same modification permissions apply to forms.


The website builder tool should be able to integrate with other main business systems such as CRM, help desk, and analytics to use visitor and customer data. Similarly, it should let users add an e-commerce platform for online shopping and, if possible, a payment processing facility to make online shopping a unified experience for customers.


Users should check if the website builder tool is compatible with various browser types, web and mobile operating systems, and server environment. This guarantees a smooth and reliable visitor experience from wherever the site is being accessed.

Product Catalogue

The e-commerce module provided by the website builder tool has to provide flexibility in showing the products in diverse variants or SKUs. Similarly, progressive tools for taxes, delivery, and vouchers lend more accessibility to online customers and seamless shopping experiences.


Users generally operate on a provisional subdomain while building their site. But once it is ready, they should have their private domain to own the search ranking. The common arrangement is to have the domain held by a domain administrator, and the website builder just points the frontend to this URL. Over some time, even if users change the best website builder software tool, they keep the search ranking built by the domain.


Cloud website designers normally offer hosting as part of their overall service. Alternatively, on-premise tools may not offer a hosting plan; rather, users need to subscribe to a third-party hosting solution provider. In this case, users must make sure that the website builder backs the server environment of the host service provider or the other way around. Cloud solutions thus deliver a more suitable way to upload their website without having to consider the technical parts of hosting.

Mobile UI

If users do not have coding skills, they just need to use a website builder that provides a mobile editor. The mobile interface should offer the same drag-and-drop functionality to allow users move and fit elements into the mobile screen. Creating a mobile site is now an important digital plan with most visitors retrieving the internet from their mobile devices.

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