Creating and Managing Projects In The Cloud? Zoho Projects Makes It Effortless

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Project Management has grown from normal principles to entirely a different market. Zoho Projects is one of the popular project management software that is widely accepted across the globe. Zoho Projects enable project managers to create and manage projects directly on cloud. This software is used by multiple small size as well as midsized companies. Project managers can use this software to schedule and budget projects along with defining of tasks and assigning them. Managing project and tracking all the task going on in the project can be done with ease by using Zoho Projects software.

Zoho Projects Features

Task Management- Zoho Projects Management Software makes task management easier. It let’s project managers to track all the tasks ongoing in the project. Project managers can assign tasks to their team members and manage them by setting time lines along with prioritization of tasks. The software also helps managers to add milestones in the project workflow and set responsible management for those milestones. It also comes with kanban board for representing tasks in the defined format.

Social Project Management- For improved collaborative work social media can be used in this software. It enables users update project status and mention name of responsible person for that particular task. This software also creates individual profile pages for all the users working on that project. Multiple forums to share ideas and real time discussions via chat can also be done using this software.

Visualization- Zoho Projects comes with an option of charts and reports that gives detailed visualization of work done by the team. Gantt Charts lets project managers to check the real project status and also have option of modifying it there itself. Resource utilization chart shows the work assigned to the team and helps in analyzing which team member can take up more tasks. This software also offers integration tools for detailed analytics with over 50 reports.

Timesheets- This feature helps to analyze the time spent on the project that can be billed and the one which is non billed. Zoho invoice integration has the ability to send invoice to client mailbox directly in time. It uses tools such as charts, timesheets and invoices to provide constant feedback on the progress of the projects Request Zoho Projects Pricing to get more information.

Issue Management- Tracking issues and managing workflow is another important feature of Zoho Projects. The software tracks issues in the project and sets reminder for resolving them.

Project Management Software

Project Management Software is widely used by organizations to manage projects by enabling project managers to plan, schedule and assign the tasks to team members handling the project. It also has capability to track work flow and resolve issues in the project if they come up. This software can also be used by admin team to manage project cost, quality of the project and for doing backend work related to the project. This software eases the task of handling complex projects which can be tedious and time consuming.

Some of the top Project Management Software are: Asana, ClickUp, Proofhub, Teamwork, Workfront, Wrike, Basecamp, Flow, Airtable, Aha, Apptivo, Breeze, COR, Doddle and Easy Projects.

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