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Tachyons website builder software is a modular CSS toolkit that can easily build interfaces that are readable, responsive, and fast loading. It helps the users to prototype responsive websites and applications. Tachyons software is used as a primary design tool for building various websites. It is easy to use and well-documented.  The website builder software allows users even without a technical background to use it with ease and also helps users save their time by allowing them to focus on UI of the website rather than concerning the CSS and its quirks. Tachyons toolkit packs a huge amount of functionality into a tiny framework.

Tachyons Features

  • Tachyons website builder software can easily edit and customize as per the needs of your project. It can easily change – class names, media queries, breakpoints, or values.
  • Tachyons’ entire library is fewer than 14kb when minified and zipped. If you want to get even smaller, it is easy to strip out what you don’t need. Its growing library of open source components written in static html is easy to use.
  • Tachyons each module is carefully documented. With Tachyons, It is easy to build components that work well with Rails, React, Ember, Elm, Angular, Static html, and more.
  • Tachyons CLI makes it simple to manage and build a serverless architecture by abstracting away provider-level complexity. It makes provision and deploys a REST API, data pipeline, or one of many other use cases in minutes.
  • Tachyons can construct anything from complex layouts to responsive components with a series of single-purpose classes. It has a cohesive design system, a responsive grid runs on Postcss, and a flexible plugin framework for post-processing css. For more details about
    Tachyons pricing plans, please contact the company.

Website Builder Software

Website builder software removes the need for extensive development know-how and enables users to create websites by utilizing templates that support drag-and-drop functionality. These solutions provide domain names, analytics, search engine optimization, mobile web functionality, and e-commerce plugins. Website builders are useful for businesses across revenue and industry and even cater to artists and other personal concerns.

Other vendors of Website Builder Software are as below –

Wix, 24liveblog, 8b, Adobe Spark, Adsy, B12, BaseKit, Beaver Builder, BentoBox, Bilgi Kurumsal, BizWebs, BoldGrid, Boomer, Boundless, Brandcast, Brizy, Builderall, Advisor Websites, Cargo, Carrd, ClickFunnels, Constant Contact, Crocoblock, devKit, Doodlekit, Duda, Elementor, Ethion, Ethnio, Fabrik, FirstPage, Format, Frosmo, GoDaddy, Google Sites, Handshakes, Heek, Homestead, HubSpot, Hugo, IM Creator, Jcow, Jiggy, Jigsy, Jimdo, Kotisivukone, Landen, Launchaco, LaunchRock, Layers, Mahara, Microweber, Miin, Mono, Moonfruit, Mozello, Nicepage, OneMinuteSite, openElement, OptimizePress, Orson, OverDRIVE, Oxatis, Oxxy, PageCloud, Pagelines, PaperWeight, Pixelarity, Pixpa, POWr, Purity, Rocketspark, SB Pro, SimpleSite, SIMsite, Simvoly, SITE123, SiteBuilder, Sitejet, SiteMaker, Site Pro, SiterSitey, SnapPagesSpyne, Square E Commerce, Squarespace, Stackbit, TeamStats, The Grid, Thrive Architect, Tilda Publishing, TOWeb, uCoz, Ucraft, Uikit, Universe Website Builder, Valo Intranet, Vev, Virb, Visual Composer, Voog, Weblium, Webnode, WebsiteBuilder, WebStarts, WebWave, Weps, WordPress, Wild Apricot, WPBakery, WYSIWYG Web Builder, Yclas, Zoho Sites, and Zyro.

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