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The Warehouse Management System market is estimated at USD2.4 billion in 2020 and is expected to reach USD5.1 billion by the end of 2025, at a CAGR of 16.0%. This growth in the Warehouse Management System market can be attributed to varying supply chain models of product manufacturers and rapidly rising consumer demand, particularly in the transport and logistics and retail sectors. The WMS software is used by several end users such asB2B distribution companies, third-party logistics, and other manufacturing companies. The software helps in efficiently managing complex as well as less complex, resource-restricted warehouse operations.

In 2019, the Warehouse Management System market was dominated by Manhattan Associates (US), Oracle(US), SAP (Germany), and IBM (US). A few of the key strategies executed by these players to compete in the Warehouse Management System market include product launches, partnerships, collaborations, and agreements. There were also a significant number of acquisitions& mergers during this period.

Manhattan Associates (US)creates, sells, and deploys progressive supply chain software solutions across the globe. The company sells its software licenses, services, and hardware products in three regions, namely, the Americas, Europe, Middle East &Africa, and the Asia Pacific. The company offers its WMS software under the supply chain solutions segment. The company is a leading provider of innovative WMS software solutions and highly advanced supply chain solutions. Manhattan Associates’ WMS product is a blend of several solutions, including warehouse management, labor management, trading partner management, supply chain intelligence, yard management, and transportation execution.

May 2020– Manhattan Associates introduced the Manhattan Active Warehouse Management solution.

February 2020 – Manhattan Associates entered into a contract with Bapcor, who plans to implement Manhattan’s Warehouse Management Solution (WMS) across its Australian distribution centers (DCs) network.

Oracle (US)specializes in a variety of cloud-as-a-service products, including human capital management (HCM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer experience (CX), and supply chain management (SCM). The company offers Warehouse Management Systems through its Cloud and License segment. Oracle’s WMS software solutions offer highly advanced and sophisticated functionalities, including inventory control, replenishment management, task management, dock and yard management, putaway optimization, analyzing, and reporting.

January 2020 – Oracle entered into a contract with Creansmaerd, an IT solutions and service provider supporting client marketing and customer relationship management across the distribution, retail, and services industries.

September 2019 – Oracle entered into a contract with JASCI Software (US), a SaaS innovator leveraging AI to optimize its customers’ warehouse, inventory, orders, labor, and shipping with real-time visibility to accelerate the supply chain in the 24/7 demands of e-commerce.

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