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Newt is a business services division of Fibernetics Corp., that provides high-value business telecommunication voice and internet data services through its Managed PBX Business Phone System. Newt is a fully-managed end-to-end solution that can be easily managed at your business location and runs over the Newt private network platform. NEWT is a new or replacement business phone systems that caters to multi-site organizations as well as one-location businesses and helps to reduces telecom costs by up to 80 percent. The NEWT Managed PBX Business phone system is a staple in the daily operations of numerous companies in North America and around the world.

Newt Features 

  • NEWT mobile offers the flexibility and functionality that carries your office presence to your mobile device. It gives you the flexibility to choose any office telephone number you like to use for your outbound caller ID. This choice shows those important business calls look like they are coming from your business instead of your personal phone.
  • Newt VOIP enable your business to increase productivity while saving your monthly telecom expenses. Its business grade internet solution caters unlimited internet and 99.99 percent uptime to keep your business connected.
  • NEWT VoIP Providers provides enterprise grade phone features at a fraction of the cost with its unique and convenient options that just simplify your telecom services.
  • The NEWT Managed PBX can be described as a “Hybrid” or “Network based” solution that provides both hosted and premise based PBX features. It can be installed across the Fibernetics CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier) network.
  • Newt VOIP has the ability to block specific telephone numbers from calling into the phone system which is often managed by the PBX administrator and altered whenever required. It allows you to disconnect any participant on a call. For more details about Newt pricing plans, contact the company.

VOIP Providers

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) leverages IP networks to transmit phone calls without the need for a connection over a telephone network. VoIP can be equated to a modern PBX (private branch exchange or private box exchange), a term that encompasses intra-organizational telephone networks. Hosted VoIP systems remove the need for maintaining on-site equipment. These cloud-powered VoIP solutions give remote employees easy access to company resources and clients from numerous locations. The different types of PBX offered by VoIP providers include virtual PBX, hosted PBX, and cloud PBX. These options come with minimal differences and are primarily defined by the level of maintenance required. VoIP mobile apps help employees operate from the home. These solutions enable the use of the Internet for receiving phone calls. In the case of an outage, VoIP mobile apps can be installed on mobile phones and operate using mobile data.

Leading vendors of VoIP Providers include – Sify Technologies Limited, Fuze, Sinch, Sonetel, Aircall, Banter.Io, Xbp, Unify, Counterpath, Sangoma, Logmein Inc, Fibernetics Clec and Tollfreeforwarding.

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