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Banter is an advanced and cloud-based business phone system characterized by wide network coverage. Banter provides an instant access to all your forms of communication for any device you use. Banter helps to create a progressive business communication system that covers expansion, connection, and productivity. Banter offers cutting-edge Internet-based telecommunication solution to help users connect with clients in any corner of the world. Its cloud communication suite offers talk, text, and fax tools for businesses and its cost-effective tools make VoIP communication simple, efficient, and intuitive.

Banter Features

Banter VoIP system has simple interface to operate. It integrates multiple communication channels for faster interactions with your potential clients.

Banter’s comprehensive new-age business communication solutions can be accessed from any device, allowing users to easily communicate with their desktop browser, desk phone, or smartphone.

With Banter VoIP Providers, you can add a business line to your personal phone and allows you to keep your personal number private to receive business calls through your smartphone using the mobile app. It also offers notifications for your incoming calls on multiple channels.

Banter key function includes – IVR, Voicemail, Number Porting, Call Schedule, Attend Transfer, 3-Way Call Conference, Custom Rules, Carrier Calling, Post Call Events, etc.

Banter provide complete customization and developing solutions to suit the business needs and existing workflows.

Banter’s robust business phone system differentiates business calls from personal so you can always get your business calls straight to your cell phone. The user can also make a call using your desk phone, PC or smartphone. Request Voxxi Pricing to get more information.

VOIP Providers

Voice over internet protocol (VoIP) leverages IP networks to transmit phone calls without the need for a connection over a telephone network. VoIP can be equated to a modern PBX (private branch exchange or private box exchange), a term that encompasses intra-organizational telephone networks. Hosted VoIP systems remove the need for maintaining on-site equipment. These cloud-powered VoIP solutions give remote employees easy access to company resources and clients from numerous locations. The different types of PBX offered by VoIP providers include virtual PBX, hosted PBX, and cloud PBX. These options come with minimal differences and are primarily defined by the level of maintenance required. VoIP mobile apps help employees operate from the home. These solutions enable the use of the Internet for receiving phone calls. In the case of an outage, VoIP mobile apps can be installed on mobile phones and operate using mobile data.

Leading vendors of VoIP Providers include – Sify Technologies Limited, Fuze, Sinch, Sonetel, Aircall, Banter.Io, Xbp, Unify, Counterpath, Sangoma, Logmein Inc, Fibernetics Clec and Tollfreeforwarding.


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