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Protoco is an all-in-one enterprise-grade user-friendly, modern visitor management platform used to secure future-ready workplaces. It is a digital security gateway that enhances visitor experience while securing a company’s premises and its data. Protoco’s latest technologies and powerful automation features cover the entire registration process, from signing in to checking out a visitor. Protoco replaces logbooks, paper-based visitor management workflows and solves both major and minor hurdles in providing a frictionless experience. Protoco includes visitor pre-registration, ID checks, OTP verifications, centralized reporting, audit trail functions. It notifies the host employee about visitor’s information via sms, email, slack, etc.

Protoco Features

  • Protoco screen your visitors through pre-registration and offers a touchless check-in function with a QR code. It also capture signatures on NDA agreement.
  • Protoco VMS includes a set of questions enquiring about visitors travel history, their health and well-being for self-certified risk assessment. It adds an extra layer of multi-tier adaptive security features to ensure only authorized people enter your premises.
  • Protoco visitor management software platform uses innovative technology to offer front desk a memorable brand experience.
  • Protoco automate work orders based on date, time, alarms, meter readings, or any defined anomaly. It create schedules with planned maintenance, track current and past tasks, fix asset issues before they break down.
  • It helps to increase workplace safety and security, minimizes the dependence of receptions for notifying hosts, and automates entire visitor sign-in process.
  • Protoco’s centralized management helps to monitor multiple locations and can easily view all global visitors, deliveries and analytics without juggling with multiple apps. For the best Protoco pricing plans, contact the vendor.

Visitor Management Software

A visitor management (VMS) software is a web based software system that helps companies collect, store, and track visitor information in electronic databases. The software is designed to track the number of visitors entering at a particular site, building or office whether its customers, delivery workers, job applicants, consultants, etc. VMS common functionalities include visitor ID scanning, visitor registration, access management and documentation of visitor’s whereabouts. VMS allows the admin people to track the record of the visitors such as his belongings he is carrying, the timing of his entry and exit and also maintains his every details in the system with his name. It helps to maintain the security integrity of the company’s premises.

Leading vendors of Visitor Management Software include – Envoy, Sine Group Pty Ltd., Nanonation, MadSkills Labs, Happy Visitors e Solutions Pvt Ltd., Ara, Johnson Controls Ltd, Sie2001, Ubeninc Technologies, Ali Al Omari, Designertech, Que Accounting, Inc., Proxyclick, Teem, Hall Pass ID, APIS and


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