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Bazaar is a friendly powerful distributed version control system that is based on a distributed and client-server repository model. It helps you to track project history over time and to collaborate easily with others. Bazaar provides cross-platform OS support and is written in Python 2, Pyrex and C. It is the main version control system used by Launchpad, sponsored by Canonical Ltd., and part of the GNU System. Bazaar is free software that helps people collaborate on software development by recording the history of the project. It offers an easy ways to copy the history around and making it easy to merge changes between projects.

Bazaar Features

  • Bazaar supports working with or without a central server. You can use both methods at the same time with the same project. It offers free hosting services through the websites Launchpad and Sourceforge.
  • A new project can be started and maintained without a remote repository server by bringing bzr init in a directory that a person wants to version.
  • Bazaar Version Control Systems allow you to be working with some other revision control systems. This enables the user to branch from another system, make local changes and place them into a Bazaar branch, and then afterwards merge them back into the other system.
  • Bazaar commands are similar to those found in SVN or CVS and it supports the file names from the entire Unicode set.
  • Bazaar provides interoperation with many other systems such as CVS, Darcs, Git, Perforce, Mercurial by allowing one to import or export the history.
  • Bazaar Explorer runs on all popular desktops such as GNOME, KDE, Windows and Mac OS X. It provides a native look and allows to adjust its menu to suit the UI design guidelines for that platform.
  • Bazaar supports files names from the complete Unicode set. It allows commit messages, committer names, etc. to be in Unicode. For more details on the best Bazaar pricing plans and offers contact the vendor directly.

Version Control Systems

Best Version control systems (VCS) is also known as revision control or source control system that allows users to keep track and manage changes to a file system or software development projects and enable them to collaborate on those projects. VCS normally run as a stand-alone applications.  The developers can work together on code and separate their tasks through branches. There can be several branches in a VCS as per the number of collaborators. Developers can combine the code changes when needed and the branches maintain individuality as the code changes remain in a specified branch. The developer can view the history of changes, go back to the previous versions and use or manage code in the expected way.

Other vendors of Version Control Systems include – SourceGear, GIT SYSTEM, VISIBLE Systems, THE APACHE SOFTWARE FOUNDATION, GNU, Mercurial Open Source Project, Alienbrain, Elego Software, Codice Software, AWS, MICROSOFT, Fossil, ARX, Flyway, Glitch, Monotone, PostPDM, DEVFACTORY and Jitpack.

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