Types of Recruiting Software: Enterprise, SMB, and Agency

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Recruiting Software is a subset of human resource management that helps companies manage their recruitment processes completely. The software easily manages candidate search and recruitment until their onboarding. The software posts jobs, shortlists resumes, and goes ahead with the interview process. With this high level of automation, there is no need for any paperwork. The major benefits of using the recruiting software are that it saves the time needed for performing recurring tasks, enhances recruiting productivity, and comes with AI-based recruiting software that performs a precise evaluation of candidates. 

Recruiting Software is available in the market with varied features and types. However, there are different types of buyers and businesses that need this software for managing their recruitment process. There are three main types of buyers: Enterprise, SMB, and Agency. The requirements and expectations from the software of all these buyers are different. Let us see how to get the desired software based on the type of buyer you are.

The software comes with multiple features, out of which, cloud-based software is found to be more configurable as per the requirements of clients. The basic features of recruiting software are common for all types of buyers, but few features differ when the search is narrowed down to a specific buyer. 

Recruiting Software for Enterprise 

Enterprises usually have their own HRM system. They need huge amounts of collaboration when selecting any candidate for a vacancy that they may have. Therefore, the recruiting software for enterprises must be able to integrate with the existing systems of enterprises and offer features like candidate information sharing and feedback. The software widely used by enterprises provides integration with the company website so that job openings can be posted on the career page and employee referral programs and internal selection of candidates is also made possible. Few vendors offering Best recruiting software for enterprise are Workday HCM, SmartRecruiters, Zoho Recruit, CATS, and Ceipal TalentHire.

Recruiting Software for SMB 

Small and medium businesses are not well-established and need a solution that can automate the recruitment process at an affordable cost. Such companies require a solution that can be easily integrated with existing data in order to boost efficiency. SMBs also look for software vendors that offer a free version with a limited number of features. However, companies upgrade the free version as they grow. Few vendors offering recruiting software for SMBs are Workable, PCRecruiter, iSmartRecruit, Oorwin, and Vincere. 

Recruiting Software for Agency 

Recruiting Software used by agencies have similar features to enterprise recruiting software. Since agencies work with various other enterprises as well as individuals, they need features like email integration, data management, drag & drop, advanced filters, and timesheets. Software with CRM integration is preferred among agencies. Few vendors offering recruiting software for agencies are Bullhorn, Jobsoid, Recruiterflow, LinkedIn, and Recooty. 

List of Recruiting Software based on type of buyer 

For making the best out of the software, it is important to select a software based on the type of buyer you are. The above list features a few top
Recruiting Software
vendors categorized by buyer type. You can also go through the 360Quadrants website to get a list of other top vendors offering Recruiting Software.

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