Top Video Conferencing Software and the Features of 3CX in the Video Conferencing Software Market

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3CX is a software-based private branch exchange (PBX) company grounded on Session Initiation Protocol standard. The company was founded by Nick Galea in 2005. It is headquartered in Florida, USA. 3CX is a business leader in VoIP and Unified Communications (UC) technology. The company serves across all industries in more than 190 countries. 3CX Video conferencing platform offers outstanding business broadcasting experiences with its WebRTC technology. WebRTC technology provides an uninterrupted video conferencing solution without any inconvenience of downloading the applications or plugins.

Features of 3CX include –

  • Mobile Application – 3CX provides a mobile application or mobile optimized website to video conference from smartphones or tablets. Video conferencing can be availed with minimal setup and no extra downloads or signups.
  • Voice and Video Conferencing – 3CX allows multi-participant phone conferences and host high-quality video conferences through their web browser. The users can plugin directly by just clicking on a link to download the application or software. Video communication can be easily set up for remote business meetings. 3CX create a video conferencing for unlimited users with 3CX.
  • File and Content Sharing – 3CX enable effortless sharing content and files between users more efficiently. The platform eases recording, screen sharing, PDF sharing, Whiteboard, and polls for providing real-time occurrence.
  • 3CX Pricing – Video conferencing pricing is based on the number of participants, not per user licensing. The subscription can be availed by unlimited users no matter which package you choose. 3CX video conferencing feature can be used at no additional cost.
  • Browser Application – Video conferences can be launched within a browser application without the need to download an application to the desktop. It also allows users to download the tool along with the app as an extension to their browser of choice.
  • Conference Transcripts – Video conferencing can record and transcribes voice and video conferences remotely in case of troubleshooting and share screen for quick and easy control.

Video conferencing software is an online communication tool that enables users to hold audio meetings, webinars, video meetings, and other forms of remote collaboration sessions. These solutions include chat, recording, and screen sharing features and are used for long-distance communication and enhanced collaboration. In an organization, employees at every level can make use of video conferencing software in order to host or participate in digital meetings with colleagues, customers, or other stakeholders regardless of where the attendees are located physically.

Other vendors of video conferencing software are Cisco, GoToMeeting (LogMeIn), Whereby, Bitrix Inc, Zoho Corporation, Zoom Video Communications, Spike, Teamviewer, Adobe, Drum Technologies, Lifesize, Oovoo, Daily, Logmein Inc, Gruveo Ltd, Rocket.Chat, Skype, Dialpad, Fuze, Atlassian, Unify, Blue Jeans Network, Google, Vidyo Inc, AWS, Microsoft etc.

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