Top Seven Reasons For Architects To Use Mobile-based Architecture Software

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Comprehensive architectural plans are most of the time large and intricate, which is one of the reasons mobile-based architecture software were not available. The volume of processing power required to include the digital blueprints or make comments on designs was not possible from mobile OS. But, during the last few years there has been a significant spike in the number of mobile-based architecture solutions. It has now become possible to cooperate with and even make alterations to a model with the help of a touchscreen device. Nowadays, architecture apps allow users to do everything, from editing BIM models, to generating floor plans with the help of their mobile devices.

Reasons to Use Architecture Software


With the help of a mobile app, architects can understand and interact with blueprints very easily. Conventionally, users would be required to either bring paper printouts every time they met their clients or suppliers or send very big files. A mobile-based architecture app addresses this problem by enabling them to travel anywhere they want to with all fresh drawings or pictures. This also makes it easy to access and discuss the files with customers and other investors.


Even though architects might be carrying sensitive data on their mobiles, most architecture apps offer password security and encoded data. This ensures that even if the user loses the device, the designs cannot be stolen. Also, most of the mobile-based architecture apps upload their designs to the cloud, which also means that the files will not be stored forever on a phone or tablet.


Contemporary mobile-based architecture apps can set up a connection with the tools used by contractors. This means that contractors are able to report right into the app on project development and recognize any glitches or issues in the design.

Improved Communication

A mobile-based architecture solution boosts communication between architects, customers, and our workers. The software makes it possible for everyone to see the blueprint in the same app, make precise remarks about fragments of the plan, or ask queries directly. This circumvents mix-up or misperception and improves communication. If an employee wants to know about anything on-site, they can just access the software through their phone and mark-up where their probe or the fault is positioned, and send it to the accountable team member within seconds.

Consistently UpdatedInformation

Making use of paper is not only costlier and more damaging to the environment, but the content also expires instantly. Hence, making use of paper leads to various flaws. If the architect works on a plan and his/her work is not accessible to customers and other investors, the architect ends up wasting money, time, and effort. A mobile-based best architecture software addresses this issue and allows users to store their project documents on their mobile devices with all alterations and updates. The software also allows them to edit their digital drawings on the fly.

Improved Productivity

Some employees are highly efficient and resourceful while operating from their desks at the workplace. But this is not always true for every person. A mobile-based architecture app helps architects access, view, and manage their models from any location. A mobile-based architecture app allows users to be efficient at any time and any location. Since it is installed on the smartphone, users do not need to login to their PC and require an internet connection. As an alternative, users can be productive whenever they want.


Environmental protection is everybody’s responsibility. Architects require using a large number of sheets of paper when drawing ideas, presenting designs, printing drawings, and fixing any clatters. Alternatively, making using of mobile-based architecture apps and contemporary design software can significantly reduce the environmental footprint of their company’s designs.

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