Top Online Appointment Scheduling Software and the Advantages of Online Appointment Software

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Online Appointment Scheduling software enables users to schedule and organize events and meetings. It helps users book an appointment online and enables the businesses and service providers to track and manage those appointments. The businesses offer appointment-based services to their customers in order to manage their upcoming events and take reservations for future meetings. The appointment scheduling portal can schedule appointments, view calendars, print schedules and forms, customize schedules, and enforce scheduling rules.

Top Vendors of Online Appointment Scheduling Software include –

1 Calendly – Calendly is a simple automated scheduling platform that helps users in scheduling meetings with ease without any obstruction of phone and emails. Calendly works with Google, Office 365 and Outlook calendars and Salesforce, Stripe, GoToMeeting and Zapier apps for efficient user experience.

2 Mindbody – Mindbody is a business management software that provides enables users to schedule meetings, seminars, and other events which can be managed on one screen. The software is used for health, wellness and beauty industry to create online booking and scheduling with advanced features. Mindbody has an automatic notification feature that can send notification for the clients who have still not joined the event.

3 Acuity Scheduling – Acuity Scheduling is a cloud-based software that helps businesses easily book and manage appointments online. Acuity Scheduling is like a personal assistant for your schedule to book your appointments with clients and customers.

4 Doodle – Doddle provides online scheduling services to clients, colleagues, and teams for one-on-ones and group meetings. Doddle platform is easy to use with its suite of user-friendly calendar tools and one can access it for free.

5 Periodic – Periodic is an online booking system that offers real-time bookings facility for its clients and users in just a few minutes. The software can be used with SaaS applications and in different fields such as universities, marketplaces, and many more.

6 Appointy – Appointy is a simple, functional and cloud-based online scheduling software that helps businesses manage schedules and activities effectively. Appointy software website widget can accept the appointment directly from any website.

Other vendors of online appointment scheduling software are  Shore GmbH, Clara Labs, Etrace, Morris Edwards, Melian Labs, Inc, Timely, Avalon Software, Artichoke, Untold Ventures, etc.

Advantages of Online Appointment Scheduling Software

Businesses can use online appointment scheduling software solutions for many benefits –

  • Online appointment scheduling software can keep track of your appointments and send calls, emails or texts to notify your customers which could be easy to forget in traditional paper calendars and planners. The software can plan and schedule upcoming meetings or events to ensure your time is well spent.
  • Online appointment scheduler can be viewed, managed, and edited by administrators and multiple users at a time in case of any changes that need to be made.
  • Online appointment scheduling software allows customers to schedule their time at their own convenience instead of waiting for email or phone replies.
  • Online appointment scheduler can manage various customer appointments during peak business hours. The representatives can keep track of all upcoming appointments and can reschedule  suitable time for customer appointments so that potential and current customers are not lost.

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