Top Five Features to Look for in Pharmacy Management Systems

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Pharmacy Management Systems provide insights and simplify the management of drug inventory, tracking, and enhancing the supply of pharmaceutical products.

A complete pharmacy management system also helps handle pricing, ensuring prescriptions are matched to the appropriate medication and dosage, automates processing claims, and directs benefits for customer insurance. A major benefit of Pharmacy Management Systems that works from an integrated platform is its capability to direct workflow tasks across multiple systems, such as robotic prescription dispensing systems and enables pharmacists and the pharmacy staff access to prescription data across a health system network.

Pharmacies need a few core features and functions to perform their duties efficiently. Here are some of the top five essential features of Best Pharmacy Management Systems.

1. Report–Chemists’ interact with numerous patients every day, and data pertaining to each of these interactions is recorded and stored within the pharmacy information system. Data can be used for future reference for enhancing business strategy or it could be needed at the time of certification or for the inspection process.

The reports provide key insights into the overall operations in the pharmacy. The reports also help you to differentiate patients who visit the pharmacy often for refills, and this information can be utilized to stock appropriately.

2. E-prescription– E-prescription is one of the key features to consider in Pharmacy Management Systems. Prescriptions are generally illegible and this may lead to confusion among patients and are also a cause for errors in dispensing the appropriate medicines. E-prescriptions offer a user-friendly choice for patients and lower the risk of errors.

The E-prescription feature enables pharmacies to manage refills and permits doctors to send the new refills into the pharmacy management system, enabling quick dispensing of medicines. Additionally, it ensures that there will not be any confusion in providing the appropriate prescription between the physician and the patient.

3. SMS and Notification – PharmacyManagement Systems enable pharmacists schedule text messages to be sent to patients informing them before their prescriptions run out.

Patients can then update pharmacists about whether they need refills, just by responding to the messages. The status updates allow pharmacists to keep in touch with the patients, confirming patient satisfaction.

4. Multi-store and Multi-location Support– With Pharmacy Management Systems in place, users can handle stores in multiple locations easily. The availability of stock levels, sales, and returns from multiple stores can be monitored in a single software. A complete report for the entire chain of stores can be created, enabling the user a comprehensive overview of profit, loss, stock levels, etc.

5.User Management Module –This is another key feature to look for in Pharmacy Management Systems which allows restricted access to different users. Access to different features can be restricted for different users for effortless management. This authentication is categorized into two conditions such as-

Administrator User- The user can manage the buying and selling process, listing the medicines, monitoring stocks, and executing other tasks. The user can monitor the pharmacy list and the pharmacy map easily. It plays a vital role in controlling the sales and stocks which are processed daily.

Administrator Authentication User-Authorized users can monitor all processes-comprising sales reports, transactions, manipulate the medicine lists and the medicine stocks. This also helps users to track routine activities and create everyday accounts by utilizing the multisite software.

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