Top Factors to look before buying an Exam Software

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Currently, companies and educational institutes are preferring online examination software packages to make informed decisions about recruitment, campus placement, grading, and even raising capital. This blog covers all the aspects of online exam software and the need to employ technologies to streamline the performance evaluation process.

Online tests have gradually ousted the traditional examination process, as witnessed with the increasing acceptance of online examination software packages. Some of the typical challenges in the manual examination process were delays in processing results, difficulty filtering candidates’ records, and system maintenance. An online examination software enables institutes to schedule, administer, and control examinations via a secured environment.

Look before buying an Exam Software

Wide-ranging Question Library

A high-quality exam platform systematizes all the manual processes by offering possibilities to create questionnaires flawlessly. It offers users a wide library of skills aligned with pertinent questions that educators can choose while creating the questionnaires. Exam software enables teachers to upload their individual questions.

Diverse Question Types

An ideal exam software provides teachers with an option to choose from a variety of question types. It allows examiners to arrange questions largely in two brackets, i.e., knowledge-based and application-based.

Difficulty Level

A high-quality exam tool allows graders to assign precise weightage to various sections or questions. It allows the faculty to choose each section’s difficulty level and assigns grades accordingly. The feature’s outcomes reflect in the report, together with a unit wise analysis for separate students or groups.


Several training organizations and staffing agencies face a lot of issues in conducting simulated tests or employment tests, predominantly in their different examination centers located across numerous locations. Hence, they need to make use of online exam software that can be effortlessly accessed by both assessors as well as candidates. Best exam software must be able to simulate a realistic examination experience for those who wishto have the traditional experience of an examination.

Smooth Test Construction

Individuals who are new to using exam software need detailed guidelines to create and manage tests. FAQs or demos about every step of the test should be clarified on the product’s website to address such issues, along with offering all the required customer support. The software must be able to integrate all the questions onto a single platform.

Easy Incorporation and Alignment with Learning Management Systems

All educational institutions, regardless of their size, make use of learning management systems (LMSs) to conduct examinations. It is normal to pick an exam software, which provides proctoring services that effortlessly align with LMSs that are accommodating with learning tool interoperability (LTI).

Multi-Language Support

An ideal online exam software helps deal with the challenge of translation and saves a huge amount of time and effort that goes into the process. It supports a huge variety of languages as per the needs, making the virtual examination experience pleasant.

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