Top Digital Learning Platforms and the Benefits of Digital Learning Platforms

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Digital Learning Platform is an online platform that provides courses and other educational products and resources online. The platform offers learning experiences to students in order to actively engage them with the educational content. The professionals use digital learning platforms to deliver their instructions and offer lessons that can be personalized. Digital learning platform makes the learning process more interesting and interactive for students.

Top Vendors of Digital Learning Platforms include

1 Canvas – Canvas is a cloud supported digital learning software. Canvas provides users with an open and user-friendly platform that allows easy integration of the content, tools, and services as per the needs of educators and students.

2 Nearpod – Nearpod is an innovative and interactive digital learning platform that enables real-time interaction between students and teachers. The platform can be used to create, engage and assess digital learning concepts with media.

3 Alta – Alta is an integrated and compatible digital learning platform that provides video-based sessions, top-notch course material and work assignments to students. The software personalizes the learning model as per the student interests and objectives and assess their performance from time to time.

4 Top Hat – Top Hat is an innovative classroom application platform that helps colleges and university instructors to create a perfect course by engaging students actively. The platform makes learning a fun experience for students and helps teachers to stimulate the learner’s thinking abilities.

5 McGraw-Hill Connect – McGraw-Hill Connect is a digital teaching and learning resource platform that is specially designed to unlock the students’ potential. McGraw-Hill also offers course management and adaptive learning solutions.

6 Pear Deck – Pear Deck is a slide presentation platform used to create interactive slideshows for interactive lessons, presentations, and assessments to engage every student. The formative assessments can be done in the form of multiple-choice, textual questions, questions to be answered in geometrical and graphical terms.

7 NoRedInk – NoRedInk digital learning platform is designed for aspiring writers to help them with their interactive web-based language-learning platform. The software teaches grammar and English language-related technicalities in non-conventional ways keeping in mind the needs and expectations of the students.

Other vendors of Digital Learning platform are Albert, Imagine Learning, Byju’s, Edmentum, Labster, Learning Catalytics (Pearson), Learnzillion, Pearson, Nagwa, Desmos, Aleks (McGraw-Hill Education), Espark Learning, Ignitia (Alpha Omega Publications), Istation, Amira Learning etc.

Benefits of Digital Learning Platforms –

  • Digital learning can offer an interesting, engaging, interactive learning experience to students.
  • Digital learning software can differentiate the instruction automatically as per the students’ capability.
  • Digital learning can help track student progress on key learning targets and address individual needs.
  • Digital learning platform provides an opportunity for personalized learning, which is a time consuming and expensive learning experience.
  • Digital learning can make learning happen multiple times and in many places due to its coverage and ease of accessibility.

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