Top 7 Tips To Create Attractive Virtual Presentations

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Presentation software is an on-cloud or desktop-based tool that enables users to present data to viewers in the sequential format of slides. These slides can accompany the speech or even be displayed in the form of a video. The major features of presentation software include templates, multiple layouts, master slide selection, animation effects, transition effects, slide notes, interactive slides, intuitive dashboards, and plug-ins.

Virtual presentations are trending in the market due to the impact of COVID-19. With enhanced collaborative solutions along with high-quality audio and video, virtual presentations become more engaging. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, a majority of conferences and presentations have become virtual. So, it has become crucial to deliver engaging and impactful presentations considering workers working remotely. While giving virtual presentations, it is important to adjust the approach based on the platform. Here are a few tips that will be helpful for giving appealing virtual presentations and will have a good impression on your organization and team:

Reduce distractions

Distractions can be of multiple types. If you have 10 windows open while giving a presentation, out of which only two are related to the topic being presented, then it is important to close the other eight windows. It is also important to check whether all notifications are on mute, as such notifications can cause a disturbance. While presenting virtually, all team members are observing you, so losing focus by looking at other open tabs can give a bad impression. If any document or email is required while presenting, then it is important to communicate this with the other attendees so that all are on the same page. The use of presentation notes, in this case, will be helpful as it will help keep a consistent flow in a presentation and maintain focus.

Ensuring that listeners are on mute

Poor audio quality can have a bad impact on your virtual presentation. Even high-quality audio devices pick up huge amounts of background noise and create disturbances in the meeting. Hence, it is crucial to ensure that listeners are on mute when they are not interacting during a meeting. As employees are working from home, there are high chances of getting disturbing noises from the background. For avoiding such scenarios, it is important to keep listeners on mute during the meeting. You can also start with your presentation by requesting non-speakers to shift to mute.

Check for technical issues before starting a presentation

You should ensure that all the tools that you are using for giving a virtual presentation are well tested. Pausing in between due to technical errors will leave a bad impression about the presentation. Take out some time and run the entire presentation beforehand to check for any potential issues as well to get a good hang of the software. Check all the features of the best presentation software that you are using and ensure that you are aware of the features like screen sharing, doc sharing, and many more.

Get a good presentation setup

Being a presenter, it is important to have the proper setup for your virtual presentation. Ensure that there is enough light on your face and that the camera is positioned well. Sit appropriately close to the screen to connect with the participants. Setting the screen at the eye level can give good posture while presenting and will have a good impact.

Use creativity in the presentation

Recently, various creative features come along with the software. You can make use of such creativity while presenting. For engaging the participants, you can use real-time polling or animated videos in your presentation. Choosing outstanding templates can help you create seamless presentations.

Make presentations interactive

Sharing of presentation guidelines, agendas, or any other prerequisites related to presentation is very helpful. This ensures that participants are aware of the topic and come prepared for the presentation. You can assign some time at the end of the presentation for providing feedback, brainstorming, or even for questions and answers based on the topic of the presentation.

Follow virtual etiquette

While presenting virtually, it is important to follow certain etiquettes. The voice tone while delivering the presentation should be engaging. Do not use a lot of humor in your presentation. Talk only when the other person has finished talking, and respond only when you are sure of the answer.

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