Top 7 Must have Features of a Student Information System

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A student information system primarily helps educational organizations efficiently manage huge volumes of student data that include scores, attendance records, and more. Best Student Information System can be used by teachers, students, and parents to be able to communicate all the information pertaining to a student’s schooling. 



Cloud ERP 
Cloud-enabled SIS solutions are being increasingly used by educational institutions to manage and store all data. This also helps them in minimizing huge investments, saves time, and enhances resource utilization.  
Scheduling helps students and other stakeholders create or view the agenda and other management requirements, which also helps in efficient resource management. This provides users with an option for flexible arrangements to make required changes. 
Notifications enable educational institutions to deliver important alerts and announcements by leveraging a robust communication system that helps them send out alerts to students, tutors, staff, and parents through channels, including email, SMS, and messaging. 
Admission Management
This feature eliminates the manual admission procedure and offers process automation, which enables educational institutions to track the whole process right from inquiries and application to admission and registrations. 
It is of utmost importance for educational institutions to store up-to-date student and staff information and present whenever required, through dynamic dashboard reports on key performance indicators of students, faculty, staff, and the overall institution to make informed decisions. 
Library Management 
This helps users with personalized search, classification, acquisition, exchange, and mobile access. It also allows users to check for borrowed books, put books on hold, request books, renew membership, and create required reports. 

Using a student information system proves to be of immense help to educational institutions as it simplifies the process of student data management and admissions from end to end. 

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