Top 7 Free Workforce Management Software

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Workflow Management Software can execute a sequence of automated activities in business processes to enhance efficacy, attention, and responsibility. It can develop and implement big projects with modified business applications. With the use of an enhanced Workflow Management Software, users can start arranging their businesses into an organized framework. Fundamentally, business processes nowadays need a severe degree of automation. Workflow Management software guarantees that the most difficult tasks are performed without much effort.

Top 7 Free Workforce Management Software

Apache Airflow

With an emphasis on forming, monitoring, and handling workflows, Apache offers a free of charge and open-source Airflow platform. This platform is a comprehensive workflow management solution that helps its users in planning, programming, and automating the flow of data via nodes. The pipelines only signify the course of data movement, while one node’s output is typically the input to the next node. The acyclic characteristic of the graph specifies that data cannot flow back amongst nodes. The process must be finished or paused and resumed for the workflow to finish all tasks. The Apache Airflow Workflow Management solution was developed on four significant principles, which also interpret some of its most imperative features.

Apache Taverna

Although Apache Airflows can be used to make consistent workflows, Apache Taverna is a free of charge and open-source best workflow management software that helps in the making of scientific workflows. At the core, Taverna is a workflow management solution that is precisely designed for the scientific community. The Taverna suite is a blend of the Taverna engine, the Taverna Workbench, and the Taverna Server. These constituents working collectively help scientists with a partial working understanding of computing and scan on resources to form multifaceted data workflows from a diversity of public and private sources, including different fields such as geography, medicine, and sports analytics. Taverna workflow management solution is platform-independent, which means it can be retrieved from an assortment of operating systems.


Trello is a visual workflow management solution that comes free of any charges. It comprises a list of cards, which, in turn, encompass a set of tasks to be done by a team. Trello’s goal is to offer better team cooperation and ease of project management. Due to a flowing view, cards can essentially be assigned important parameters such as day of task end, names of team members, etc., for efficiency purposes. Users can use Trello workflow management software to arrange and order individual and professional life in a fun, supple, and rewarding manner.


Camundaworkflow management software is free and open-source. The tool allows companies to attain digital renovation through the use of automated tools and well-organized workflows. The tool has been created on three important principles of design, automation, and enhancement. Camunda guarantees that the process of designing workflows becomes easier and less demanding. Camunda workflow management solution has been intended to guarantee nimbleness in the management of workflows for complex establishments, while data visibility remains important amongst actors. Also, the tool has been built on a trivial Java Application Program Interface (API) stack, which is robust and easily scalable.


ProcessMaker is an open-source workflow solution that helps users create low-code workflows and build complex processes sooner as compared to the other similar solutions, particularly for enterprises. The ProcessMaker workflow management tool comprises of an agile business process management(BPM) technology where users can simply drag and drop components on the environment interface to accelerate the process of ideation and analysis.


Cflow is a cloud-based, open-source, and free of charge workflow automation solution. It is basically a code-free workflow management software, with the software that operates on assets of default library templates of fundamentally used workflows for businesses of varioussizes. 


Bonita workflow management software is also a business process management solution that helps businesses to build and monitor process-based executions inside the organization. It is a cloud-based, open-source solution used to attain effectiveness or digital transformation of business processes.

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