Top 6 Reasons to Use Kanzi to Improve Your Application Development Process

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An app design platform is application software that aids the app development process and provides functionalities such as IDE, code-free developments, templates, API, data synchronization, and analytics. The software helps speed up the process of creating mobile and web apps by eliminating the need for coding. An app development platform is a suite of interrelated tools for creating apps and covers all development phases such as design, coding, backend integrations, usability, bug testing, delivery, and post-deployment analytics. A mobile app development platform can support the delivery of app upgrades and paid licensing models for apps. The best app design software for a business is one that is well-featured and user-friendly.

Other vendors of app design software include – UXPin Inc, Mapbox, Open As App, APP PRESS, GoodBarber, Pastel, Invision, Sapho, Marvel Prototyping, INFRAGISTICS, Bohemian, Shoutem, Sysdev, Boost Marketing, Bubble Group, Indigo Rose Software, Retool, Voxxi, buildapp, Aruba Networks, and Appsbar Inc. 

Kanzi app design software provides UI design features by way of visual application tools that bridge the connections between designers and engineers. Kanzi is developed by Finnish software development company and the market leader in advanced user interface technology, Rightware Oy. Rightware provides graphical user interface solutions for mobile, automotive, and other embedded industries. Kanzi is used by leading automotive manufacturers for human-machine interface (HMI) development and to power digital instrument clusters, infotainment (IVI) systems, HUDs, and many more. It is a great option for industrial-grade user interfaces. 

Kanzi can create a stunning user experience on any embedded platform and speed up HMI development and reduces the amount of code that is required to maintain. Kanzi provides rapid prototyping, prioritizing ease of use, workflow efficiency, designer empowerment, high performance, and cross-platform support. Rightware also provides Kanzi Studio – which provides ‘a what you see is what you get’ editor for UI designers to create and customize embedded user interfaces.  

Kanzi’s product line includes a visual design studio, a highly optimized 3D runtime for superior graphics performance, and an innovative connectivity platform. Kanzi solves implementation and differentiation problems and enables designers to focus on the creation, testing, and deployment of 3D user interfaces. 

Kanzi is a user interface creation software that includes two parts – Kanzi Studio and Kanzi Engine. Kanzi Studio offers a PC-based real-time WYSIWYG editor for designers and embedded engineers to create and customize user interfaces that run on embedded hardware. Kanzi Engine is a run-time system that enables UI designs to be executed on any device supporting OpenGL ES. The Kanzi Pricing per user is also very affordable and standard.

Kanzi Features  

  • Kanzi UI design software provides visual tools for creating high-fidelity branded UIs. Designers can create fully functional prototypes without any coding. It accelerates UI projects by allowing designers and engineers to work independently and parallelly. 
  • Kanzi Runtime delivers superior performance for demanding 2D and 3D applications. It is an industrial-grade graphics rendering engine that offers plug-in frameworks to extend built-in functionality. 
  • Kanzi Connect is a fully customized connectivity platform that works automotive electronics, consumer devices, and online services under a single interface. It delivers a unified way to share data, functionality, and content based on a client or server architecture. It provides seamless communication between multiple devices and OSes. 
  • Kanzi Connect offers efficient development of a connected user experience across all leading automotive HMI environments. 
  • The platform accelerates UI development by providing an agile and non-destructive workflow where designers can make changes without disrupting work. The user interface is always available for testing and prototyping without the need to wait for building and compiling. 
  • All deliverables, including UI designs, UI components, application code, and plug-ins, can be reused to save time when starting a new project. 

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