Top 10 Free Reporting Software

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A Reporting Software is a tool that harmonizes with databases in order to gather data, then produces insights in the form of graphs. Businesses can guarantee to construct visual dashboards, and create data insights with the help of this software. There are two groups of reports: static and interactive. Users cannot modify static reports as an end-user whereas, an interactive report allows users to see data in real-time and make modifications. An interactive report provides a choice to filter and sort the data.

Top 10 Free Reporting Software


Jaspersoft reporting software is one of the most prevalent data analytics service providers in the industry. This service is generally written in Java and is registered under GPLv2. It supports many exporting formats, like HTML, PDF, XML, and CSV. JasperReports is well-suited with numerous databases.JasperReports offers the following features:

  • JasperReports Studio – The studio is based on Eclipse and helps businesses with designing reports. Businesses can use it to create complex reports such as pictures, crossovers, or subreports
  • JasperReports Library –This is an open-source data reporting database
  • JasperReports Server – It’s an autonomous, embeddable reporting server. It’s proficient enough to assess data, and it also provides planned task solutions
  • Jaspersoft ETL – It’s an ETL framework that users can effortlessly deploy and implement: this way, they can create a complete data store and data set.


One of the main advantages of FineReport reporting software is the ability to use it without the restrictions of time and function. The tool allows users to instantly produce and export data or print uneven, complex reports. FineReport also has comparable features to Microsoft Excel reporting solutions: importing data in clusters or guaranteeing suitability while creating reports. FineReport software stands out from the mass owing to its data entry capabilities. It also allows the user to write data back to the foundation through the web reports introduced by FineReport. And lastly, dissimilar open APIs make this tool simple to use. In the meantime, other tools naturally need integration with numerous other systems.


JFreeChart is a reporting solution that is based on Java. Businesses can use this software to produce pie, bar, Gantt, and area charts, create mixed graphs or dashboards. The tool also allows users to export these files in JPEG or PNG formats. JFreeChart is one of the most steady and frivolous reporting tools. It also supports various chart formats.


iReport is a design service that has been created for JasperReports Server and JasperReports Library. With the help of this system, businesses can generate complex documents, such as sub-reports, imageries, charts, or cross-tables, and they can translate the document to numerous file formats.


Pentaho is a free reporting software that has numerous functionalities accessible, such as the reporting engine, reporting designer, and reporting SDK. The Pentaho Community Version is registered under ASL or Apache Software License. With the help of this software, users can convert the prepared files to the following formats: PDF, Excel, HTML, CSV, and XML. The obtained files can change dissimilar sources to clear data.


BIRT is a data reporting software that is based on Eclipse. It allows users to create reports and embed them later on in web applications or clients. There are two segments of BIRT capabilities: a graphic designer and the runtime features. The first one allows users to build any BORT design, while the second can be used in any JAVA background. BIRT provides an extra diagram engine capability that allows users to sync it to any BIRT diagrams. Lastly, the design patterns are stored as XML files. Users can also access numerous databases such as SQL databases and jfire script objects.

Seal Report

Seal Reporting Software is the best reporting software meant for Microsoft .NET framework written completely in C# language. It offers anall-inclusive framework, allowing users to create dashboards and report data from any database daily. The main function of this tool is streamlining the setting up process and dashboard design.

Open Reports

Open Reports is a web-based data reporting software that allows users to generate animatedly generated files in HTML, PDF or XLS format through a web browser. This software was created using Java. Open Reports software supports several kinds of data reporting engines, such as JFreeReport, Eclipse BIRT, and JasperReports.

Easy Report

EasyReport reporting software is actually a Microsoft Excel plug-in that is written in C#. One of its top capabilities is the instinctive, easy to use design – the system is certainly easy to use. This software’s main competencies are translating a row, and column structures in SL statement to HTML tables. An Easy Report is compatible with Colspan and RowSpan attributes.


SpagoBi is a totally open-source collection that has been created and managed by SpagoBI lab’s Engineering Group. This reporting software offers data analytics capabilities, along with old-style reporting, charting competencies, and modified solutions like geo-location analytics, social network analytics, self-service analytics, and what-if analytics. This reporting software also has the timing of task functions. It supports query engines such as Hive for the big data solution.

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