Six Types of Event Management Software – Which One Would You Choose?

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An Event Management Software helps individual users as well as businesses in managing several event related activities end-to-end. An event management system also provides users with all the tools required to handle the entire life-cycle of the event.

Types Of Event Management Software

  1. End-to-end solutions – These are the best type of event management software solutions among all of them. These solutions cover all the aspects of managing an event, from pre-event to after event tasks, the end-to-end solutions provide users with all the tools that help in automating or restructuring back-office and field processes. They also provide other important event marketing capabilities that help in promoting projects and also provide critical insights on important parameters such as attendance, feedback, expenses, and revenues.
  2. Free and open source – Several of these event management solutions are open source which enable users to add customized processes align perfectly with their requirements. They are totally free-of-charge but are restricted to specific functionalities such as form builder or scheduler. Many free event management solutions can be scaled to paid plans as and when requirements become more complex
  3. Event scheduler – These event management solutions present the organizer’s real-time availability and help customers with self-bookings. Customers can rearrange dates, make payments online, and also interact instantly with organizers for specific requests via the platform. Event schedulers can also automatically handle any schedule conflicts, eliminating the need for manual intervention for each booking.
  4. Web conferencing – These types of event management solutions can have their own categories or they can also be part of an overall package of event management solutions. Web conferencing tools cater precisely to online events, majorly webinars. The features offered by web conferencing can be scaled from small meetings to large conventions.
  5. Polling apps – Polling apps are a reliable tool for several event organizers. They offer tools that enable live polling, which is a great way to stimulate engagement from the audience, be it a small-room audience or a large crowd. These apps typically have a live graph that shows poll results in real-time and can also be integrated in social media networks to connect with a worldwide audience.
  6. Ticketing apps – Ticketing solutions are majorly a part of a larger event management system. These solutions help event organizers in selling tickets online and can also feature more robust functionalities such as attendance management and customization.

Benefits of Deploying an Event Management Software

  1. Combines Diverse Teams

An ideal Event Management Software offers a single platform that helps various teams involved in managing events to collaborate and work collectively on tasks. It simplifies associating the different but linked items across the entire organization. Modification in one item, for instance, results in sending out notifications on all the related items, ensuring that everyone associated with the event has the latest information. The solution also improves communication amongst everybody involved in managing the event.

  • Reduces Expenditures

An best Event Management Software provides users with enhanced visibility on the entire operation of the event, which makes it easier for them to control expenses and increase savings and get higher returns. Similarly, Event Management Software also automates a few event management processes, which help in saving time required for completing tasks. Furthermore, a good event management solution enables smaller teams to perform several tasks with higher efficiency. These tools help in automating some of the most time-intense back office processes in organizing events, allowing resources to work on more productive tasks.

  • Improves Engagement

A good quality Event Management Software helps users significantly in improving engagement with members. Users can effortlessly combine conversations from their social media platforms and arrange them into segments from the identified trends. An event management solution also allows users to connect their online and offline audiences into a more efficient funnel that helps ensure larger attendance.

  • Improved Data Management

Event Management Software solutions provide a single database which helps users in collating online registration details, sorting them for multiple email marketing campaigns, and running real-time and post-event analytics for generating important event related insights. A centralized database enables different users to access the same updated data, thereby doing away with any distortions in data. All the stakeholders are instantly notified of any changes in the database. Furthermore, the time required to create lists, documents, or reports for diverse teams is significantly reduced since all teams can refer to a single file.

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