Siemens: An Ingenious Smart Home System With Multiple Automation Capabilities

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A best smart home system is a technology that helps automate household systems such as security alarms, surveillance cameras, lighting, doors, thermostats, and entertainment systems and remotely control them. Access control and alarm systems are also included in this technology.

The smart home system connects through controlled devices to a central hub or gateway. It includes heavily fragmented solutions with worldwide accepted industry standards. This system uses internet-connected devices to enable remote monitoring and management of appliances and systems. The user interface for control of the system uses wall-mounted terminals, tablets, or desktop computers, a smartphone application, or a web interface, which can be accessible off-site through the Internet.

Siemens AG

Siemens AG is an industrial manufacturing company based in Germany. It operates through Industry, Energy, Healthcare, Infrastructure, and Cities business segments. The Infrastructure segment delivers building technologies to significantly improve efficiency and support technology trends. Siemens is a prominent manufacturer of industrial, factory, and home automation solutions. This segment is the second-largest revenue generator of the company in terms of sales after its healthcare business unit. Smart home solutions provided by Siemens include building automation systems such as networks employing special luster terminals or wireless controls for lights, window blinds, heating systems, and power sockets; and DIY home automation solutions. Some of the solutions for integrated smart home devices include household appliances, lighting, HVAC, security systems and devices, IT and telecommunications, and entertainment systems.

The success of IPTV (television via Internet protocol) solutions provided by Siemens is driving its position in the home automation market. Siemens Communications India is demonstrating IPTV’s extended concept, the ‘Smart Home’. Some of the subsidiaries of Siemens in the Smart Home System market include Siemens Building Technologies Division (Switzerland), Enlighted Inc (US),  J2 Innovations (US), and  Siemens Building Technologies (Tianjin) Ltd. (China).

Siemens Smart Home solutions

Siemens Smart Home systems offer several automation systems such as Desigo, Synco, GAMMA, and  Apogee.

Siemens home automation solution offers services related to alarm monitoring, personalized information provision, home media content, healthcare and wellness or physical fitness, education, and control energy consumption.

Siemens, under its DIY home automation solutions, offer LOGO! logic module for app PLC Smart Home. It offers many possibilities for home automation, building distribution systems, and residential buildings.

Siemens Room Automation

Room automation prevents the spread of viruses, bacteria, an dallergens with room sensors, operation units, and thermostats to provide a healthy indoor climate. Siemens Room automation offers and sustainable rooms

Siemens LOGO! logic module

The company offers LOGO! logic module for app Siemens Programmable Logic Controller Smart Home. It is a self-programmable app that enables users to automate their homes easily. LOGO! logic module is an effective, space-saving implementation solution that eliminates expansion cost and offers a comprehensive networking solution when automating a home. PLC Smart Home app is capable of controlling all connected electrical devices in isolation, or groups.

Siemens has an impressive ecosystem of smart building solutions for user-centric smart buildings. Siemens focuses on extending its capabilities to meet evolving customer preferences beyond simply monitoring, analyzing, and controlling building services. Siemens has changed the entire view of the smart home system by making buildings interacting, learning, adapting, creating environments that fit the habits and needs of home occupants. Siemens focuses on shaping the automation market by introducing smart products and creating strong competition and is also heavily investing in developing digital products and solutions. SIEMENS Smart Home Systems Pricing is affordable to users.

Recent Developments in Siemens AG

In August 2020, Siemens Smart Infrastructure launched building automation controllers – Desigo PXC4 and PXC5 to convert buildings into high-performing, energy-efficient assets. The new generation of Desigo, automates small and medium-sized buildings to get the most flexible building automation.

In December 2019, Siemens Smart Infrastructure was ranked as a leading provider of the Internet of Things (IoT) for smart buildings.

In June 2018, Siemens expanded its building automation market presence by acquiring J2 Innovations (US), a California-based software framework provider for building automation and IoT. The acquisition companies allow Siemens to grow its business in this segment globally, with new offices in Europe and Asia.

In May 2018, Siemens Building Technologies acquired Enlighted Inc, a leading provider of smart IoT systems in buildings. The acquisition helped Siemens increase the adoption of smart building technologies on an international scale.

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