Sia vs. Eva vs. New Relic – Find The Ultimate AI Software For Improving Your Business Productivity

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Artificial Intelligence Software

Artificial intelligence, commonly shortened to AI, has become an integral part of business software and is projected to continue dominating the software market in the foreseeable future. AI software incorporates machine learning (ML) and deep learning into its functionality with an aim to better automate user tasks, save time & energy, make jobs simpler, and boost productivity. Companies can derive the newest benefits from cloud-based AI. AI systems provide a wide range of benefits to businesses, such as personalized marketing, customer service, operational automation, inventory management, and recruitment. Nowadays, many AI apps are designed specifically for cloud-based systems and are quickly and easily deployable.

Sia vs. Eva vs. New Relic

Sia by Opentopic

Sia is a fully integrated marketing bot developed by Opentopic Inc and IBM Watson’s cognitive technology that helps financial companies to unlock the value of data with blockchain and AI. Sia, a digital assistant, can transform mountains of data into actionable insights. Sia is a cognitive engine that analyzes complex sets of data in real time, helping generate unbiased and data-based insights for sales and marketing teams. Sia offers deep insights into the behavior of an audience, automatically personalizes campaigns at scale, and obtains predictions on campaigns. All data can be accessed via the Sia cloud. It provides natural language processing, reporting or analytics, and prediction.

Eva by Voicea

Eva is an enterprise voice AI that eases the management of meetings by making them searchable, taking notes of decisions, and boosting follow-ups on action items. Voicea is the leading voice assistant for note-taking and activation.  Eva is focused on voice collaboration technology leveraging the power of AI. It offers a voice-based AI assistant platform. With Voicea Eva integrated into meetings, conversations can be carried out and transformed into actions that generate tangible impact for businesses.

It is a cloud-based SaaS technology that offers a tool for producing higher levels of attention in meetings via a voice collaboration platform. Its AI technology mimics real human brain function and improves productivity in the workplace. Eva offers enterprise-level security and privacy requisites to protect users while creating value and offering control to process.Eva for Enterprise helps employees to feed data into and query data out from a variety of CRM, task management, and customer service platforms.

New Relic Artificial Intelligence

New Relic Artificial Intelligence software enables developers to create apps and dashboards as well as unlock new transformations. It removes the need for looking at never-ending metrics, as it highlights metrics of entities and interprets data swiftly.

New Relic is the most comprehensive cloud-based observability platform that helps customers create software. Users can start with a curated experience to create apps and dashboards. They can find, imagine, and understand everything that is happening across the software environment. The platform dives through complexity, offers context, and checks across unnatural organizational boundaries, identifying and solving problems. The New Relic platform enables users to follow a line of inquiry in a few clicks and know exactly how everything relates to everything else. The solutions can be received in context without moving from tool to tool.

New Relic AI offers advanced applied intelligence and machine learning technologies to help clients detect, diagnose, and solve incidents faster and continuously improve incident management workflows. New Relic AI offers automation and intelligence solutions to an on-call team in order to increase its existing incident management and workflow management capabilities and help it to get closer to root causes faster.

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