Secure Your Facility With Johnson Controls Access Control Systems

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Johnson Controls is one of the leading providers of access control solutions. The company offers a variety of security products and access control systems. The solutions offered by the company can be customized as per user requirements and assure a high level of security. Its solutions in access control include electronic access control, hosted access control, physical access control, managed access control, and biometrics access control.

The sectors that benefit from Johnson Controls access control systems are data centers, K-12 education, government, marine, residential, healthcare, industrial, manufacturing, and public, entertainment, and transportation. The access control solutions provided by the company offer high performing systems, fulfill real-time security requirements, and help businesses prevent intrusions. Along with such solutions, Johnson Controls also offers access control software, access control hardware, hosted & managed security, high assurance solutions, and integrated solutions. Request johnson controls access control systems pricing to get more information.

Features of Johnson Controls Access Control Solutions

Electronic Access Control

  • Electronic Access Control solutions provided by the company ensure safety and also secure the premises. The solution comes with an electronically managed system that enables it to integrate with the required premise.
  • This solution can be configured as per the requirement of the premises in terms of facilities, property, and people.
  • With a centralized security system, it becomes easy for users to manage permissions and credentials for all its premises. The system gets upgraded automatically, and data can be backed up.

Hosted Access Control

  • Hosted Access Control intelligently manages the entry and exit of visitors on the premises.  It is a user-friendly cloud based system with credentials that can be customized as per the requirements.
  • The key elements of hosted access control comprise cloud-based permissions & credentials management, door controller, electronic or wireless locks, and control software.

Physical Access Control

  • Physical access control solutions are usually implemented in buildings, campuses, or any other premise that needs to be secured from unauthorized visitors.
  • This solution is configurable; the company also supplies barricades and vaults and even installs fences to protect the premises.
  • The key elements of this solution include physical barriers, door controllers, electronic or wireless locks, and perimeter detection.

Biometric Access Control

  • Biometric access control offers high level and personalized security for the required premise.
  • The system is highly secured as the biometric data is secured and cannot be transferred or shared. This solution can also be integrated with any existing access control system.

Access Control System

Access control systems eliminate security risks and ensure that a physical or virtual facility is secured. They manage the entry and exit to a secure facility. The access control system market is advancing at a fast pace. Major opportunities in this market are the adoption of ACaaS and the implementation of mobile-based access control. Its major features include customizable systems, customized reports, updating levels of security, lockdown modes, custom alarms, and many more such features that enhance security.

Some of the top Access Control Systems providers along with Johnson Controls include Assa Abloy, Dormakaba Holding, Allegion, Honeywell Security, Identiv, Nedap, Suprema HQ, NEC Corporation, IDEMIA, and Salto Systems.

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