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eProc is a fully featured comprehensive SaaS software developed by Ecom Software Limited. The software is designed to serve Startups and small and medium enterprises. eProc software help the businesses to increase performance, save time and money on paperwork and thereby raising the quality of business operations and customer offerings. eProc provides requisition management and approvals at one place and its end-to-end solutions supports for Windows. eProc purchasing software is a simple and easy-to-use business accounting system that manages your accounts online  effectively.

eProc Features

  • eProc purchasing software guides the users about the right purchasing trails based on its intelligent self-learning engine.
  • eProc controls inventory management through supervising non-capitalized assets, inventory, and stock items. It also manages the flow of goods from manufacturer to warehouse to point of sale.
  • eProc major functions include requisition management, catalog management, approval workflow, purchase order management, other procurement functions, giving superior performance across the entire source-to-settle range all at one place.
  • eProc purchasing software supports for expense management system by process, pay and audit their business spend including several costs such as employee travel and entertainment. It uses expense management systems for sole traders to manage and monitor the business spending.
  • eProc helps to categorize enterprise collaborations with its key suppliers and provides information to control costs and guarantee proactive performance.
  • eProc software helps the businesses to take appropriate measures for controlling cost, reducing potential risks related to vendors and secures excellent service deliverability deriving value from vendors in the long-run. For the best eProc pricing plans, contact the vendor.
  • eProc purchasing platform supports for risk assessment criteria. It detects hazard and risk element factors that has the potential to cause harm by hazard identification tool. It also analyze and assess the risks associated with that hazard through risk analysis, and risk evaluation.

Purchasing Software

Purchasing software is a business software tool that allows businesses to automate their entire source-to-pay cycle. It allows the businesses to manage and automate the merchandise acquisition process. Purchasing software streamlines the purchasing process, increases visibility, manage contracts and documents, analyzing and managing spends, controls irregular spending, making invoice payments, make informed purchasing decisions and control every procurement process operation. It allows users to manage the purchasing process effectively and automatically links purchasing functions with accounting functions. Purchasing software keeps track of previous purchases, predict trends and make informed decisions.

Other vendors of Purchasing Software include Orderhive, Package Products & Services Inc (Pps) , Bonfire, Sap Fieldglass (Sap Se), Sap Se, Precogs, Esupplierglobal.Com, Procurementexpress.Com, Beacon Systems Limited, Unleashed Software and Tradeshift.


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