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Gepard product content syndication platform developed by Bintime company. The software helps the manufacturers and retailers to deliver their product descriptions and create an exceptional shopping experience. The platform can automatically transforms and delivers product information according to the established standards. Over one hundred twenty million product descriptions are combined, transformed, and delivered via the Gepard platform. Gepard automates all manual data entry in E-commerce. Gepard map the content on the taxonomy level using intelligent transformation algorithms.

Gepard Features

  • Gepard content syndication platform enables the manufacturers and retailers to deliver the product information to multiple channels; allowing to import, map, enhance, distribute product content and keeping the info up-to-date.
  • Gepard PIM software translates the content on the taxonomy level, using intelligent transformation algorithms. It adapts and aggregates all the required information as per your needs automatically.
  • Gepard’s data transformation platform connects to the manufacturers with retailers. Its content syndication platform provides a wide range of content syndication tools that can be integrated with the world’s top retailers, marketplaces, webshops and solution providers.
  • Gepard software provides specific data model to retailers that allows collaboration with easy access management. Gepard can customize content for over 120 different online stores and marketplaces and collected from different sources and distributing to as per marketplace requirements.
  • Gepard can automatically distribute the product data feeds to any retailer. The software aggregates product data from multiple sources and supplies marketplaces with corresponding product information.
  • Gepard builds an automated end-to-end product data flows to sell product descriptions directly to the online store. It also helps to introduce new products quicker from an automated platform.
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Product Information Management Software

Product Information Management (PIM) is the process of managing all the data needed to market and sell products through distribution channels. Product Information Management (PIM) software collects and manages company’s product information into one centralized format. It is a precise view of data that help the companies to centralize all the technical and marketing data of their catalogs and products. PIM software is a single source of truth for product information that can manage and share a wide range of products info in multiple channels. PIM collects and stores all product-related data such as geographic location and multi-lingual data, in a single catalog that is used to feed product data to channel partners.

Other vendors of Product Information Management (PIM) Software – include Fischer Information Technology, eJeeva, Edgecase (Formerly Compare Metrics), Lockside Software, OneTime, PROPEL, SHIVA, AKENEO, Electrika, Channel Pilot Solutions, Label Insight Inc, Catsy, pimcore, Schema Group, Cbs Interactive, Enable Labs Pty Ltd, Izberg Marketplace, EnterWorks Acquisition, Inc. and Ability Multichannel, a Magnitude Company.


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