PRO.CEED PLM – Benefits of Process Automation

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PRO.CEED PLM software offered by PRO.FILE that designed to control and logically connect product data and documents across the enterprise. It helps to increase PLM process through automated processes. The software provides the custom-built application packages for automation of innovation and contract management. It improves the organization of processes, activity documentation, and audit trails for better compliance. PRO.CEED unites all product and document lifecycle management capabilities, product data management (PDM), product lifecycle management (PLM), and document management system (DMS) into a single system that can be integrated with every major M/ECAD and ERP system.

PRO CEED Features

  • PRO.CEED helps to increase the efficiency of PLM processes – through faster and automated processes. The platform controls the process from the change request to the change notification. It is automatically documented and traceable.
  • PRO.CEED PLM Software also controls engineering projects and all associated documents through an integrated project and document structure.
  • PRO.CEED project management supports to automate your document control. A common basis for the data and documents created in the different departments assures full transparency and speeds up the workflows.
  • PRO.CEED controls and documents DMStec and PLM processes. It defines PLM processes in sequences of concurrent and sequential activities.
  • PRO.CEED PLM can monitor, manage, and document the progress of your projects. PRO.CEED’s built-in dashboards and reports enable you to monitor the status of all projects at any time.
  • PRO.CEED offers integration of all mechatronic tools with ERP applications, management of CAD models and drawings, change and compliance management, etc.
  • PRO.CEED PLM helps to save time, enables safe processes without mistakes, minimize the costs in engineering and provides reliable information for the engineers and the company.
  • PRO.CEED Application Packages help you to digitalize key processes and workflows at your own pace. Each PRO.CEED application package is worked up from the experience obtained in hundreds of customer projects. PRO.CEED pricing varies as per requirements

PLM Software

Best PLM software helps users manage data throughout the product development lifecycle—including creation, servicing, and scrapping. PLM software enables companies to boost productivity, bolster collaboration, increase quality, enhance creativity, and minimize time-to-market. This software integrates business systems, data, documents, and people that deal with product creation. With PLM software, users can systematically track the development of products.

Other vendors of PLM Software include – Tradestone, Professional Systems Associates, 3D Systems, Oracle Corporation, Siemens, Actify Inc, Openbom (Newman Cloud Inc), Softech Group Incorporated, CSI Ltd, PROPEL, Solidworks Inspection (Dassault Systemes), Autodesk, Prodigy Product.PTC INC, Asdsoftware, Selerant, Upchain, ARAS CORP, Mynah Technologies, Solidworks Mbd (Dassault Systemes), Sap Se and Dassault Systemes.

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