Philips Lifeline – A Comprehensive Medical Alert Device

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Philips Lifeline provides a complete medical alert device product with PERS offerings and an informative website that is supported by the name Phillips. Its core product line includes HomeSafe Standard, HomeSafe with AutoAlert, and GoSafe2. It also offers additional services,including medication dispensing and a caregiving monitoring digital platform called Philips Cares, which is great for elderly patients and their families. Philips Lifeline also provides many excellent features, such as professional installation, automatic fall detection, medication dispensing, and GPS location services.

Key Features of Philips Lifeline

Fall Detection:Fall detection is a key feature of any medical alert system. Philips Lifeline offers AutoAlert fall detection, which detects a fall and automatically sends a signal to its Response Center, enabling them to get the help needed as soon as possible.

Advanced Location Technology: In addition to fall detection, the GoSafe 2 by Philips Lifeline also provides two-way voice communication, supports GPS &Wi-Fi tracking, and features breadcrumbs, an exclusive method that automatically records snapshots of the device’s location. All of this ensures that when help arrives, it will have no trouble finding the user.

Response Centers: Users can usetheir pendant or communicator to get connected to a highly trained Response Associate from Philips Lifeline.Response Centers operate 24*7*365, and someone is always available to assist those who need it. Response Centers provide support in more than 200 languages in order to assist users more efficiently.

Uninterrupted Support: Philips Lifeline HomeSafe with AutoAlert button does not require charging-users can just wear it and go. When the battery strength lowers, a signal will automatically be sent to Philips Lifeline, and the company will ship you a replacement button. This help button is also water-resistant/waterproof, so you never have to take it off while at home.

Powerful Audio: Philips Lifeline GoSafe 2 speaker provides crisp and clean audio from responders. The audio is louder than those of other alert systems available. As many seniors aged above 75 suffer from hearing loss, the volume of audio emitted through GoSafe 2 is appreciable.

Long-lasting Battery: Long-lasting battery is one of the USPs of Philips Lifeline devices. A single charge of GoSafe 2’s battery lasts for nearly an entire week, even with regular use. Moreover, the device is convenient to wear even when being charged, ensuring that the GoSafe 2 always protects its users. Philips Lifeline pricing plans available on their website. The total cost may change depending on any additional services you may need.

Medical alert systems—also referred to as personal emergency response systems(PERS)and fall detection buttons—provide a quick and simple way for elderly and senior citizens, those with medical issues, and people who live by themselves to get support during emergencies, whether it be for a medical issue, a fire, a fall, or any event that requires an immediate response. Medical alert systems are devices that immediately connect users to emergency help at the press of a button or—depending on the device—when a fall is detected. Recent medical alert systems are small in size and easy to use. These devices are often lightweight bracelets or pendants that blend in with clothing. As they are made for everyday use, medical alert bracelets or pendants are usually built to be shatter-proof and water-resistant.

Other vendors of Medical Alert Systems include Connect America, Valued Relationships (VRI), Guardian Alarm, Alertone Services, Medical Guardian LLC, ADT Corporation, GreatCall, Galaxy Medical Alert Systems, Bluelinea, QMedic, BayAlarm, Lifefone, MobileHelp, Critical Signal Technologies, Rescue Alert, Better Alert, LifeStation, Response Now, and Vanguard Wireless.

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