Panasonic vs Control4 – Compare And Choose The Best Smart Home System For Your Home

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Smart Home System

A Smart Home System or building automation is used to control lighting, climate, entertainment systems, and appliances. The solution includes home security such as access control and alarm systems. The Smart Home System connects to a central hub or gateway through controlled devices. The user interface for the control of the system uses wall-mounted terminals, tablets, or desktop computers, a smartphone application, or a web interface, which can be accessible off-site through the Internet. The Smart Home System includes heavily fragmented solutions with worldwide accepted industry standards. A Smart Home System uses internet-connected devices to enable the remote monitoring and management of appliances and systems.

Panasonic vs Control4

Panasonic MirAIe

MirAIe includes an in-built intelligent diagnostics tool that can detect performance issues in advance and helps increase the lifespan of products. Panasonic is planning to expand its full range of connected Living Solutions for futuristic homes including refrigerators, washing machines, televisions, fans, geysers, etc., giving consumers a full range of Connected Living Solutions for futuristic homes. The Panasonic MirAIe platform offers ease of use, safety, monitoring, service reminders, and personalized usage patterns. MirAIe is an intuitive and engaging platform designed keeping in mind consumers’ evolving needs for convenience, comfort, and connectivity.

The following are its key features:

  • The MirAIe platform can work in tandem with Google’s Voice Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa technology to control users’ smart devices.You can turn on the washing machine or open the blinds with voice-enabled smart assistants. It offers seamless and hands-free operation and enables controlling devices with voice commands even by a child or a senior citizen.
  • MirAIe offers e-warranty wherein all the information about warranty and maintenance contracts of the products are stored digitally and users are notified if there is any change in status. It also offers support to customers to acquire spare parts of electronic devices which are replaced with online requests via the app.
  • The MirAIe platform is powered by the IoT and Cloud platform and literally translates the concept of Future Homes. Advanced Artificial Intelligence helps MirAIe send prompt notifications on issues, troubleshoots, facilitates technician visits, and maximizes the performance and operational lifespan of products.
  • The MirAIe intuitive app helps recognize usage patterns and suggests optimal modes for extending the best comfort for users. The app also offers eWarranty and AMC management, OneTouch-service request, proactive maintenance notifications, etc.

Control4 Smart Operating System (OS)

Control4 Smart Operating System (OS) connects virtually all the technology in your home from waking up, to cooking, and answering the door with unique smart home functionalities. The Control4 product line includes smart lighting, security cameras, video door stations, smart thermostats, universal remotes, multi-room music and video, and home theater audio and control.

The following are its key features:

  • Control4 OS enables users to addtheir most frequently used icons on the main dashboard screen. Anything across your home can be easily added to the top of the screen and you can use those icons with phone, touchscreen, or Neeo smart remote control whenever you need them.
  • Control4 OS 3 icons visually denotes individual status on a single screen for connected devices. The user can immediately see whether a door is locked, the fan is on, or the garage is open.
  • Control4 Smart OS 3 allows users to control theirfavorite rooms and quickly swipe between them. The system offers larger icons so that the text is clearer.The OS 3 comfort screen also provides weather details and allow you to adjust the temperature with a single tap.
  • Smart home gadgets can monitor home security systems, get push notifications, and videos when visitors approach the front door and communicate with them without even opening the door.​ It can control lights around the home with a simple voice command.
  • Control4 Smart Home OS is compatible with over 13,500 third-party products such as smart locks, smart sprinkler systems, pool controls, etc. A smart home OS is simple and personalizes your experience in meaningful ways.

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