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Uppercase is a fully-featured OKR Software provides an end-to-end solutions designed for Web App. It is an innovative cloud-based performance management platform allows companies to use full potential of their people and achieve visibility across the organization. It helps the team to perform better using the professional development process with anytime feedback, goal setting, and coach co-pilot. Uppercase performance management app provides a framework for agile goal-setting and frequent feedback cycles to transform companies into performance-driven organizations. Uppercase system offers goal-setting, real-time feedback, team management, goal management, and journaling and progress history. It offers training via documentation, webinars, live online, and in person sessions.

Uppercase Features

  • Uppercase OKR online system offers feedback management, goal management, prioritization, progress tracking at one place.
  • Uppercase system is a goal setting and coaching application that help you to increase the productivity of your employees. You can create and assign goals to employees to ensure that they can achieve them within a set amount of time and helping you in growing your business. Uppercase Pricing is affordable to users
  • Uppercase software allow managers to setup cadence to weekly, monthly and yearly and measure results and coordinate goals with the team. Its journaling feature allow users to check team member’s performance history to add notes, or search goals, feedback and milestones.
  • Uppercase support is provided via email, over the phone, web case submission and a knowledge center. The system can be integrated with Gmail, Google Chrome and Slack.
  • Uppercase OKR software provides the history of each objective and its progress. Uppercase dashboard offers a complete overview of the goals each of your employee is working on. You can continually apprise yourself with regard to the progress of your workers. It also provide feedback to your staff to help them to attain their assigned goals correctly.

OKR Software

OKR (Objectives and Key Results) is a tool used for developing strategy, process goals and objectives for business planning that connect both the team and the organization. OKR software used to build out strategy and track the objectives involved. OKR software is an online goal tracker that facilitates transparency and accountability within the organization. It helps the companies define their objectives, track their progress, and analyze the results. The software allows the user to share objectives with a team and relate ultimate objectives to measurable progress. OKR helps businesses align and monitor their employees’ efforts toward achieving combined primary objectives. OKR software tools are used for setting, communicating, tracking, and measuring goals and results within businesses.

Leading OKR Software vendors include Boxter, javelo, Plai, Weekly Update, Productboard, Khorus, Proactive Software, HoneIn, GTMHUB, Qulture.Rocks, Anamda, Vancouver IT Services, Betterworks, Profit Focus, Range, Kazoo, Fingertip, Partners in Leadership, Inc., Shibumi and itacs.

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