Murano vs. Fin Framework – Which is the Best IoT Platform for Your Business?

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The Internet of Things (IoT) platform enables software developers to build applications explicitly for IoT purposes. These platforms allow users to quickly build, test, deploy, and iterate on IoT-specific applications. Once the applications are developed, business organizations can connect these applications and continuously enhance their solutions. IoT platforms generally offer similar functionality to low- or no-code development platforms, like drag-and-drop elements and WYSIWYG editors for non-developers. But most do need some level of coding skills, and the more sophisticated platforms may need highly skilled developers. Moreover, apart from their standard functionality, some cloud platform as a service products may build IoT-enabled applications.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is growing rapidly and becoming more common and accessible as a business strategy among business organizations.IoT is now a major part of the digital transformation agendas for millions of companies across a wide range of industries, including retail, manufacturing, government, and infrastructure planning. IoT platforms enable business teams to connect IoT devices and configure IoT ecosystems through internal resources without recruiting third-party developers. Deployment of Industrial IoT devices or customer-facing IoT applications can put a smart ecosystem within reach and enable users to understand the benefits faster and at nominal costs.


Best For

Murano by Exosite is an advanced cloud-based IoT platform that provides an end-to-end ecosystem to support customers who develop, deploy, and manage connected products.

Product Features &Functionality

  • Users can publish and run their own EveryCloud centralized device service for their connected products
  • Murano allows users to sync device IoT data from other platforms with cloud integrations
  • With Murano IoT Platform, users can manage their asset and device fleets
  • It collects and stores IoT and business data
  • The software can operationalize analytics and data-driven insights
  • You can build API applications for integrations/administrative tasks
  • Integration is possible with existing IT systems and public cloud services like Microsoft and AWS
  • Murano IoT platform enables users to cultivate a unique IoT ecosystem with reusable elements

FIN Framework

Best For

FIN Framework by J2 Innovations is intended for manufacturers of controls and equipment used in all types of buildings. The software is usually meant for monitoring, visualization, alarming, and analytics for smart IoT devices and systems.

Product Features & Functionality

  • FIN Framework is a next-generation software platform with a set of applications for building automation and IoT applications
  • FIN can be deployed on multiple platforms and, at the server level, can run on Linux, Windows, and MacOSX, offering a highly instinctive graphical UI for touchscreen and browser-accessible supervisory applications
  • FIN Framework is an open-source platform supporting all the major protocol standards used in buildings currently, to enable integration with multiple building systems and IoT deployments
  • The platform is quick and also offers auto-generated configuration, enabling the formation of an entire project from a spreadsheet using its import utility wizard

Overall Summary ( Murano vs Fin (IoT) )


  • Murano streamlines the complication of connecting products with a platform that was purpose-built by engineers who know how products are developed, manufactured, and deployed
  • The Murano platform allows huge volume connected product deployments that are secure and scalable with its easy-to-use APIs and combined tools to manage critical IoT functionality
  • Murano can be leveraged to change the connected products and solutions of users into a complete data-driven business
  • With enterprise-grade enablement capabilities, Murano integrates flawlessly into business infrastructure, allowing users to understand the true value of IoT and fuel their transformation to a connected product company

FIN Framework

  • migration and enhancement is possible with FIN as it is easy to upgrade existing projects from FIN 4 to FIN 5; almost everything is automatic—graphics, control logic, schedules, alarm logic, connectors, integrations, web services, and templates all transfer without any effort

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