MobileHelp: A Wholly Integrated GPS-based Medical Alert Device

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Medical alert systems – also referred to as personal emergency response systems (PERS) and fall detection buttons—provide a quick and simple way for elderly and senior citizens, those with medical issues, and people who live by themselves to get support during emergencies, whether it be for a medical issue, a fire, a fall, or any event that requires an immediate response. Medical alert systems are devices that immediately connect users to emergency help at the press of a button or—depending on the device – when a fall is detected. Recent medical alert systems are small in size and easy to use. These devices are often lightweight bracelets or pendants that blend in with clothing. As they are made for everyday use, medical alert bracelets or pendants are usually built to be shatter-proof and water-resistant.  

Other vendors of Medical Alert Systems include Philips Lifeline, Connect America, Valued Relationships (VRI), Guardian Alarm, Alertone Services, QMedic, BayAlarm, Lifefone, Medical Guardian LLC, ADT Corporation, GreatCall, Galaxy Medical Alert Systems, Bluelinea, Critical Signal Technologies, Rescue Alert, Better Alert, LifeStation, Response Now, and Vanguard Wireless. 

MobileHelp is North America’s leading provider of M-PERS technology. It is the maker and supplier of prominent products such as DUO, the first wholly integrated medical alert system with GPS technology; SOLO, an advanced alert solution for people without home landline telephones; and Classic Help, a traditional Medical Alert System. Its M-PERS devices are combined with a number of leading wireless voice, data, and GPS technologies to offer real-time medical monitoring services and location tracking for accelerated personal emergency help. It also offers MobileHelp Connect, an advanced event notification and online tracking tool for families and caregivers. The company has created a solid reputation in terms of high-quality and affordable solutions for personal protection and peace-of-mind—in or away from home.  Request MobileHelp Pricing to get more information.

Key Features of MobileHelp 

Cellular base station: The MobileHelp cellular base station is comprised of emergency, reset, and test buttons. It also consists of a lighted display that shows date and ambient temperature. 

Landline-free protection: With MobileHelp cellular base station, a landline is not needed in order for users to be protected. Cellular coverage is offered by AT&T. 

MobileHelp Connect: With the online MobileHelp Connect service, specified caregivers can monitor and track the health and location of users. The standard package comprises non-emergency alerts, system status alerts, location tracking requests, and emergency alerts. 

Medical reminders: The MobileHelp Connect portal enables users to set medical reminders. This allows the cellular base station to give users friendly reminders for medication. 

Activity tracking via GPS technology: Users can monitor and track their activity levels for days, weeks, months, and even years through the activity tracking service. Authorized personnel other than the users themselves can also track the daily activities of the user. In case of any abnormal activity being detected, authorized personnel receive urgent notifications. 

Automated fall detection: MobileHelp offers fall detection through its fall button, which can be worn around the neck. The water-resistant button needs to be within 350 feet of the mobile device and within 600 feet of the Duo or classic cellular systems in order to work. 

MDLive Telemedicine: MobileHelp offers a new add-on feature at a cost-effective price. For just USD 9.95 per month, users can have Telemedicine consults through MDLive added to their MobileHelp plan. This enables them to consult with doctors about over 50 common medical issues through a mobile app, computer, or tablet. The monthly charge covers this service irrespective of whether or not a user has medical insurance. 

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