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Blast Information Management System (BIMS) platform developed by MineExcellence, manages the information to meet the strategic and operational needs of planning, controlling and decision-making for mining operations. It is an online platform that provides methods to store, manage, document and retrieve drill and blast related information. The system stores blast details, actual blast parameters, blast pattern, face profile, explosive consumption, charging details. BIMS is a reporting tool that generate reports for various blast related activities such as complete report of a particular blast, explosive consumption, vibration, accident reports. BIMS is greatly effective to offer its users an end to end solution.

BIMS Features

  • BIMS stores blast details, actual blast parameters, blast pattern, face profile, explosive consumption, charging details, vibration records, photos and videos of the blast. BIMS is widely known for offering planning, controlling and analyzing interactive tools for better mining operations.
  • BIMS mining software works in both offline mode and online mode and allows import and export charging and drilling sheet of the blast.
  • BIMS eases recording and monitoring of Blast data so that mining can be done safely and without any accidental costs. BIMS can make readily available past data in a logical format and blasting data analysis tools.
  • BIMS allows the records to be maintained of Blast Design Pattern, Location, Explosive, Initiators Used, Video, Fragmentation Analysis, Vibration Analysis, Accidents and Manpower and Associated Costs.  
  • Blast Information Management System for Underground (BIMSu) is programmed for storing records of the blasting operations in tunnels, retrieving the recorded information and analyzing the information.
  • BIMS is a construction management software that includes budget Tracking, Job costing, equipment tracking, CRM, mobile access, and offline access. Request BIMS Pricing to get more information
  • BIMS can generate customized reports on daily, monthly, quarterly, and annually. It has the ability to search blasts between dates, by performance of explosives or initiating system, by vibration limits, by fragmentation size, by location of blasting zone or accident, etc.

Mining Software

Mining software is an application of knowledge discovery in software modernization process which involves understanding existing software artifacts. The software helps open pit or cut and underground mines with all phases of a mining operation including planning, design to the management of operations. It manages exploration and production of minerals, use of human resources and equipment, and follow environmental and health and safety regulations. The software presents the knowledge in the form of models in which specific queries can be made when necessary. Mining platform is used to calculate the financial potential of mineral deposits, manage the infrastructure required for ore recovery and track the movement of ore during the mining cycle.

Leading Mining Software include – iSolutions International, minerstat OU, Geobank (Micromine), EMS Paramitra, RPMGLOBAL, Reactore, Phase2 (Rocscience), Core General Systems, Frontline Systems, Swedge (Rocscience), Rocscience, Maptek, Curtis Johnson and Micromine.


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