Metasys – Redefining Modern Building Management

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building management – including surveillance equipment, energy control, fire safety, or HVACR – in order to efficiently fulfill customer requirements. Johnson Controls also introduced Metasys to offer more efficient control of buildings through intelligent building automation for facility personnel, quicker responses to crucial warnings, and new functionalities for the detection of fire, safety, and lighting controls – all with accessibility from a solitary unified framework.

Metasys offers a range of enhanced integrations, which include new functionalities such as C-CURE 9000 Access Control and Victor Video Management Systems, as well as simplified integration with SIMPLEX Fire Systems and leading lighting solutions. The Metasys Application Programming Interface (API) allows data to be easily retrieved from Metasys and implemented for comprehensive data processing and monitoring through Johnson Controls or third-party data visualization applications.

Metasys Features

The latest introduction of Metasys BMS brings the industry-leading smart building program to a new stage, further improving energy efficiency in buildings — along with convenience, health, protection, and sustainability of the residents. New technologies increase the use of resources, cut down on job time, promote deployment, and boost network efficiency.

  • Standardized convergence – Metasys application technologies that are already strong now make it much simpler to integrate HVAC and non-HVAC devices on one board. Purpose-built systems deploy quicker, function easier, are IT-friendly, and increase efficiency. Complex occupancy knowledge from various development networks contributes to better, constructive, and priority-set activity.
  • Improves networks – Sleek new infrastructure incorporates modern architecture and consumer friendliness. Two upcoming-generation device controls have high-capacity storage and accelerated computing power to meet new system specifications. Detachable terminal screw frames render deployment easier. The latest 4-in-1 circuit measures temperature, humidity, CO2, and vacancy monitoring sensors, all in one unit.
  • Increased productivity – The world-class Metasys user experience is structured in the style service providers’ work, representing the architecture of the facilities – significantly decreasing the learning curve and providing valuable information directly upon entry. The scanning and monitoring features enable users to locate data easily, produce reports, and enforce bulk instructions. Alarm control enables fast detection, simple filtering, and bulk reaction prioritization. Latest auto-scheduling of email files and bulk instructions help improve flexibility in a single workflow to change several characteristics.
  • Competitive edge – Metasys building automation has been rendering predictable performance in even the most challenging environments for more than a quarter of a century. Operational efficiency is leveraged through building administration expertise leading to increased profitability. Energy savings are brought on by organized monitoring, reliable data, and optimum efficiency of the facilities using security best practices in IT and networks. Quicker troubleshooting and analysis are carried out through advanced diagnosis, leading to convenience for inhabitants.

Benefits of using Metasys

Metasys program operates as a full family of applications and servers built to operate with each other as one unified team that assists in controlling the energy building efforts. The benefits of using Metasys BMS are that it:

  • Boosts usability and efficiency with a modern user interface that is simple and effective
  • Enables the Metasys program anytime, anyplace and is compliant with mobile apps
  • Enables rapid decision-making via Graphics+ with information displayed
  • Decreases tailor-made overviews spent in planning, designing, and debugging
  • Captures, compiles, and presents data on the project with Detailed Reporting in appropriate and accessible ways
  • Uses common contact protocols to connect with other structures in the facilities
  • Automates facility management and administrative functions
  • Enhances performance and rising running costs. Request 
    Metasys BMS Pricing to get more information.

Building Management Systems

Building Management System (BMS), also termed as the Building Automation System (BAS) is a computer-based control device that will is implemented in structures to track and administer the property’s electrical and mechanical appliances such as electricity, illumination, and ventilation to ensure sustainability. It is important to set up a BMS as vital components to smartly handle energy requirements of electrical grids, drainage, fire suppression systems, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), electrical power management, and lighting control. Through BMS, building management carries out centralized electronic regulation of a building’s air-conditioning, ventilation and heating, lighting, and other building systems.

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