Marketing Automation Software

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Marketing Automation Software is one of the most needed software in today’s time. This software comes with a platform that enables marketing managers in capturing leads and nurturing them in the sales funnel along with detailed sales analytics. Best Marketing automation software optimizes entire marketing process by managing workflow and predicting consequences of marketing campaigns. The key characteristic of top marketing automation software is its analytics feature that manages entire process of campaigns and analyzes its effect on team KPI along with its ROI.

Marketing Automation software comes with varied top features that made it one of the most widely accepted software for B2B and B2C marketing teams of the organizations. By capturing customer data from various sources marketing software develops strategies for converting those leads. Below is the list of top features of marketing automation software that are helpful:

  • Email Marketing- Email marketing is one of the important task of marketing department. This software automated email marketing process by reducing manual work. It can also deliver company newsletter once user has subscribed to it. Customized newsletter and emails improves company branding.
  • Social Media Marketing- Marketing automation software automates social media campaigns which improves customer engagement and brand management. Apart from this, other social media tools like evaluation of posts with responses is also managed by this software.
  • Lead Management- Automation of drip marketing campaigns is one of the key features of marketing automation software. Lead management becomes easy with the use of this software. It qualifies leads as per demographic requirement along with customer behavior during campaigns.
  • Workflow Management- Managing workflow optimizes the important part of the marketing process. It improves efficiency of the team by reducing added communication required for managing workflow. The software has ability to send notifications to users once task assignment is done by administrators in the software database. This goes hand in hand with lead management as it notifies users when customer is in sales funnel which helps in converting the lead.
  • Ads Automation- Marketing automation software enables organizations to capture customers when they click on advertisements. If particular product is viewed by lead multiple times then it sends notifications to marketing team to provide sales ad which can convert that lead for buying their product.
  • Mobile Marketing- Mobile marketing is widely implemented by many organizations. It sends sales alerts on customer’s smartphone when particular applications are open or even if applications are closed. This helps customers to stay updated about the latest product information.
  • Security- As marketing comprises lot of customer data and corporate data which are sensitive and needs security. This software also comes with data encryption that provides high data security for the sensitive information. Some software also provides access control which leads to added security.
  • Report Generation- Reports provides detailed status of marketing campaigns along with detailed performance of the teams. The software has ability to convert reports into easy to understand format and can also send it to required staff if required.
  • Landing Page- Marketing Automation software can also be customized in a way that when any prospect clicks on a link to website, it gets directed to the attractive well designed page with required information.

Best Marketing Automation Software Vendors

Is Marketing Automation Software fascinating? Marketing Automation software being implemented by loads of organizations nowadays, so getting desired software can be a strenuous task. Here is the list of top vendors in market providing marketing automation software:

  1. HubSpot Marketing Hub
  2. Pardot
  3. ActiveCampaign
  4. Kizen
  5. Gamooga
  6. Autopilot
  7. Iterable
  8. WebEngage
  9. Klaviyo
  10. Marketo
  11. Mautic
  12. Drip
  13. MoEngage
  14. Resulticks
  15. Nurture
  16. GetResponse
  17. Cordial
  18. Oracle
  19. Acoustic
  20. LeadSquared Marketing Automation Software

Marketing Automation Pricing

With multiple vendors offering this software, marketing automation software pricing is competitive. Many vendors come up with one time cost for the software. While others have multiple packages in which the software is provided. Vendors can also charge users fees for on boarding or installing the software; there can even be added charges for software upgrade or strategy execution. Marketing Automation Software reviews that are available on multiple websites make it easy to understand which vendor is offering best marketing automation software along with affordable marketing automation software pricing.

Trends in Marketing Automation Software: 2020

Marketing Automation software’s wide acceptance will continue to its technical advancement and will boost organizations growth. With its high implementation in multiple organizations its new technologies have become crucial part of both marketing departments as well customers or individuals. Let’s see few trends in Marketing Automation Software:

  • Machine Learning and AI platform
  • Chatbots
  • Automated Social Media Marketing
  • Lifecycle Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Cross-Channel Marketing
  • Omnichannel Experience
  • Personalized Content   

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