Looking for Crowdsourcing Options in AI? Clickworker is the Real Deal!

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Artificial Intelligence Software is a critical part of business software and is anticipated to continue dominating the software market in the predictable future. AI software integrates machine learning (ML) and deep learning into its functionality, which helps better automate user tasks, save time and energy, simplify jobs, and enhance productivity. AI systems deliver several benefits to businesses, such as personalized marketing, customer service, operational automation, inventory management, and recruitment. With the help of AI software, computers can be taught to complete repetitive tasks without any manual intervention by recognizing data patterns.  

Clickworker provides AI training data services that emphasize on machine vision and conversational AI. The company enables businesses to make efficient use of their algorithms by providing them with dedicated training datasets, system testing, and authentication services. The company deploys self-governing freelancers who deliver these services by using their own computing equipment and agendas. They complete all these tasks with the help of a web browser, and most of these tasks are part of a bigger, more complicated project. Task management is conducted by using the technology of clickworkers, which offers an Internet-based workflow system. Project examples include the processing of unstructured data, such as text, photographs, and videos. The company specializes in creating, categorizing, appending, capturing, and translating.  Request Clickworker Pricing to get more information.

The company offers AI services through three major categories: 

Managed Services 

Personalized solutions for the effective implementation of customer projects. For specific projects and orders, the company offers a managed service for each of the solutions offered. Clickworkers have a project related discussion with the customers and manage the entire order process personalized to their needs. 

Key Benefits 

  • Project consulting 
  • Personalized project setup 
  • Project evaluation and enhancement 
  • Project-related Clickworker training conferences 
  • Project-specific hiring 
  • Push notifications to the Clickworkers 
  • Ongoing project management 
  • Project status reports 


Clickworker offers quicker and more cost-efficient implementation of customer projects by offering self-service options for several of their solutions provided. Users can choose an ideal template on Clickworker’s marketplace and then place their order in just a few steps.  

Key Benefits 

  • No charges 
  • Instant order placement round the clock 
  • Specific formation of tasks 
  • Internal review of individual order and release 
  • Customer support through emails 
  • Dashboard – Project Status Reporting 
  • Separate download of results 
  • Statements for download 
  • API connection option 

API – Clickworkers Application Programming Interface 

Clickworker’s REST centered web services enable users to access the company’s crowdsourcing services through an API and assimilate them effortlessly into their applications. This can also be used for the user’s content management system (CMS), blog, or other Internet applications. 
Users gain automatic access to the whole ordering process through the API, including: 

  • Account details 
  • Product-related information 
  • Standard products form to align with customer needs 
  • Order placement 
  • Order updates 
  • Order withdrawal 
  • Outcomes 
  • Results approval or refusal 
  • Number of Clickworkers in a given region 

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