Top 10 Social Media Analytics Software and Key Features

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Social Media Analytics Software provides perceptions and insights about how followers interact with posts, followers’ demographic details, and their location. Social media analytics software is a set of analytical tools that enables users to collect and report data related to social media accounts. It enables end users to listen, monitor, analyze, and provide insights into data collected from blogs and social media websites. These products are used by social media, marketing, and communications teams to recognize best practices, target demographics, and evaluate real-time consumer practices. Social media analytics software also comprises advanced analytic techniques such as predictive, prescriptive, descriptive, and diagnostics of data collection and interpretation across various social media platforms.

Key considerations while selecting the Best Social Media Analytics Software 

Integration with other systems 

Even though the analysis and reports produced by analytics tools can be useful, those reports may need to be integrated with other marketing software, such as marketing automation software or CRM software. These integrations can easily enable responses to events on social media. 

Standalone software vs. a software suite 

It is possible to purchase standalone social media analytics tools; they are usually offered as one part of a larger suite of social media management software. If a user finds the features of this software attractive—including tools that will help enhance and expand their social media presence—then they might want to investigate a bigger system that includes that extra functionality in addition to analytics. 

Cloud-based software vs. on-premise software  

Traditionally, software was hosted on-premises, which means businesses had to install and maintain the hardware on which the software would run. In recent years, however, software distribution has become much simpler, with cloud-based systems that do not need any hardware or IT maintenance. These advantages make it preferable to get cloud-based software rather than on-premises software.

Key Features of Best Social Media Analytics Software 

Social media monitoring 

It enables users to monitor social media platforms for any mention of the name of a specific company and tracks the interactions taking place across company accounts. 

Data aggregation 

The software allows users to gather data from various social media sites in order to provide a basis for large-scale analysis. 

Overall analysis 

Best Social Media Analytics Software offers a complete analysis of a user’s entire social media presence, which enables them to view the strengths and weaknesses and make future business decisions and strategies accordingly.


The software enables users to generate easy-to-understand, usable reports, containing spreadsheets, visuals, statistics, and other useful data. These reports also help users make informed decisions about their social media presence and about the overall operations of the company. 

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