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ONEiO is a cloud-based fully featured SaaS solution designed for enterprise service management professionals and startups. ONEiOconnects different processes and platforms into one transparent entity and provide end-to-end process flows. Its end-to-end solutions are designed for Windows. ONEiO online Integration Software system offers Dashboard, ETL – Extract / Transfer / Load, Metadata Management, Multiple Data Sources, and Web Services at one place. ONEiO makes data accessible. It is a cutting-edge iPaaS that features an easy-to-understand UI and ensures swift integration. Its subscription plans are affordable, enabling enterprises across sizes to use it.


  • ONEiO integration robot allows end-to-end process flows between internal and external teams for better collaboration. ONEiO integration robot can automates service integration delivery and management jobs.
  • ONEiO’s enterprise-grade integration connects the different business tools, services, and processes for achieving better operational excellence.
  • ONEiO is the next generation of iPaaS helps to focus on your customers. ONEiO iPaaS enables an easy integration without any need of specific integration skills and helps to remove the problems related to traditional integration delivery, maintenance and reliability.
  • ONEiO serves to back-end systems such as CRM, Invoicing, monitoring, DevOps and customer service tools to enhance and manage service processes and applications end-to-end.
  • With ONEiO, the user gets data access quickly. It offers 24/7 help from the customer service centers. ONEiO delivers more and faster with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO).

Integration Software

Integration software is used to facilitate integration across applications. This software typically facilitates the integration of applications, processing solutions, and databases. These solutions also simplify data management across applications, endpoints, and communications. Integration software solutions often come with stream analytics capabilities. Integration Software can help a company by making multiple data entries into multiple systems swiftly and easily, reducing the manpower needed to maintain the data in these systems, minimizing the chances of human error, enhancing the flow of data in a timely manner among systems, reflecting changes in data across systems in real-time and enabling customers to use company systems (API & Connector).

Other advanced Integration Software includes Aloha, AMPLIFY, Artix, Astronomer, Autofy,, Azuqua, BizTalk Server, BridgeGate, Celigo, Clear, CloverDX, Codefresh, Codisto, Conductor, Confluent Platform, Connect Bridge, ConnectIt, DBSync, DSYNC, edijet, Eligible, Ensemble, ExaGear, Flint, Flow Software, GAConnector, Hevo, Hull, HVR, Iguana, IMS, Insight, Integromat, Integry, KLOUDLESS, Matillion, Mesa, mintea, Moover, Morpheus, Nextup, Onedot, OneSaas, Parsey, PASSPORT, Plastic SCM, PowerCenter, Project Buddy, Samepage, Skyvia, SnapLogic, SOAPbox, Stamplay, Striim, SynQ, The BlackBox, Tmax, Transformer, Unific, Veracross, Vertify, Warewolf, Winautomation, Workato, and Zoho Flow.

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