Flair – Best shift planner and leave management software

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Flair is a complete human resource management solution that leverage the power of Salesforce with automation, customization and reporting power. It suits to any company size and helps to minimize the number of tools required to run the HR department. With the powerful feature set, it allows to entirely tailor it to your own needs. You can implement any feature right into your tool, either with an internal team or a consulting partner. You can customize on your own and takes out other tools when the existing one doesn’t cover a specific use-case. Flair supports to external web-based dashboard and mobile apps.  Flair human resource software features payroll management, recruitment management, performance management, employee scheduling, onboarding and off boarding, expense management, etc.

Flair Features

  • Flair human resource solution is completely capable of automating every internal process of your department. As all the data is available in one single place, you can generate reports and track KPIs without any data synchronization complexity.
  • Flair solution software helps in keeping track of employees’ time and their deadlines. The software is helpful to maintain the record of attendance of the employees. Flair allow you to efficiently engage with their clients and people.
  • Flair provides a modern and user-friendly way to execute all their routine tasks such as requesting time-off, tracking time, and download the documents, etc.
  • Flair maintains record of the payroll of the employees and also getting the feedback of the employees in case of any changes. It also helps to keep the record of all the databases of the employees’ details and their profiles. The Flair pricing is completely worth the HR solution it offers to an organization.
  • The employees complete planning of the work and the shift they would be working on can be done by Flair solution. The leaves taken by the employees and its details could also be maintained in this software.

Human Resource Software

Human Resource software is also known as a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) or Human Resources Management System (HRMS) that helps organizations to manage employee records and information. The software focuses on managing employee time and attendance, training and e-learning, payroll, benefits administration, analysis of data, performance management, recruiting, talent management, onboarding and off boarding, labor management and many more. HR software system offers a structured outline for HR professionals regarding process oriented administrative tasks.

Leading Human Resource Software include Mitrefinch AU, CASCADE HR, SIGMA-RH, ZINGHR, StratEx, W3OCN Solutions, Subscribe-Software, FRESHWORKS, Paradox.Ai, Officekit, Truework, Perilwise Insurance Broking, CodeZone, HR4YOU, Agile Business Modules, Conrep, easyfeedback, Avanti Software, People First, SWINGVY, Tyconz, Sutra Services, DataSimplified, Oorwin Labs, HRcogs, TYDY, Andjaro, Cygnet Infotech, Hrsale, Oracle, Lamster, enableHR, Appical, Spine Technologies, DataOn, Andjaro, NGA Human Resources, Populum, WizeHire, People Interact, Civil Soft, PeopleApex, Favour, e2Time.com, Engage2Excel, Leena AI, Erudit, Vibe HCM and HROffice.

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