Hanwha Techwin: AI Powered 4K Resolution Video Surveillance Systems

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Video Surveillance System includes closed-circuit televisions (CCTVs) or video cameras on a network. This system captures information (both, in audio and video forms) and sends it to a central location for storage and recording.  The system has an embedded image capture capability that allows to take video images. This system is used for monitoring and ensuring security in areas such as banks and stores.  Presently, advanced CCTVs using digital video recorders (DVRs), provide a variety of quality and performance options, with additional features such as motion detection and email alerts. The decentralized IP cameras are equipped with megapixel sensors that support recording directly to network-attached storage devices, or internal flash for completely stand-alone operations. 

Hanwha Techwin  

Hanwha Techwin (earlier known as Samsung Techwin) is a global leader in providing video surveillance products such as IP cameras, storage devices, and management software for security. Hanwha Techwin is a subsidiary of Hanwha Group. The company produces a complete line of security solutions, from cameras and recorders to integrated management software. Its products are designed to be used in applications across verticals such as retail, transportation, education, seaports, urban surveillance, banking, healthcare, hospitality, industrial areas, and airports.  

Hanwha Techwin is integrating the next-generation technologies such as deep learning, AI, and business intelligence in its portfolio of security solutions. Wisenet is Hanwha Techwin’s innovative security solution. Samsung Wisenet software offers 12MP cameras, intelligent video analytics, and H.265 support. Hanwha Techwin offers the most optimized solutions for wide-area surveillance and data analysis. Video surveillance act as an analytical tool for city operations – the Security Guard for the Smart City project, provides city-dedicated product line-ups for wide-area monitoring 24/7. Subsidiaries of the company are Hanwha Techwin America (US) and Hanwha Techwin Europe Limited (UK). Request Hanwha Techwin Pricing to get more information.

Hanwha Techwin Video Surveillance Solutions 

Hanwha Techwin offers CCTV systems, hanwha techwin Cameras, modules, Presenter, FRID, DVR, and optical instruments. It includes various types of multi-sensor, multi-directional, and fisheye cameras. WiseNet surveillance software platform provides two types of solution – Management Analytics and Viewer. 

  • Management Analytics – WiseNet Occupancy Monitoring Application, WiseNet Retail Insight v2.0 – Business Intelligence solution for Retail, WiseNet Face Recognition System (FRS), WiseNet SSM – Professional v2.10 Management Software, and WiseNet SSM – Enterprise v1.6 Management Software. 
  • Viewer – Its portfolio includes WiseNet Mobile Viewer for Android or iOS, WiseNet Installation – Installation app for X series cameras, WiseNet Smart Viewer – Easy Central Management Software, and WiseNet iPOLiS mobile – Smartphone Viewer. 
  • Hanwha Techwin Wisenet – Occupancy Monitoring System – The Occupancy Monitoring System is a free application of Wisenet P series AI cameras. It offers 4K camera resolution on edge-based people counting video analytics with deep learning AI, to precisely monitor the occupancy level. It aggregates data from up to eight cameras, making it suitable for both large and small business enterprises. Occupancy Monitoring Application sends an alarm output to other devices such as automatic doors or traffic light beacons. 
  • Hanwha Techwin WiseNet Retail Insight v2.0 – WiseNet Retail Insight v2.0 counts the number of visitors in real-time and offers age and gender analytics, and other insightful information to the retail store owners.  
  • Wisenet FRS – Wisenet Face Recognition System offers real-time results for hundreds of video data sources. It has a comprehensive Web API for simple and functional integrations. It is a reliable and scalable system that offers a flexible user interface. 
  • Wisenet Mobile – Wisenet Mobile offers quick and easy access to mobile environments and Wi-Fi networks. It is compatible with the dynamic domain naming service (DDNS). 
  • Smart Viewer Easy Central Management Software – This software offers support for range backup (integrated viewer) and sequence function (automatic screen transition). It can playback up to 16 videos simultaneously and monitors up to 36 cameras. It has dual monitor support up to 72 cameras. 

Hanwha Techwin is heavily investing in R&D to meet the ever-changing market needs and maintaining its competitiveness in video processing and optical technologies. Through its extensive product development strategy, the company is producing a complete line of security solutions, from Samsung Techwin security camera and recorders to integrated management software. The company manufactures over 2.7 million video surveillance devices in South Korea, China, and Vietnam. The main revenue of the company is generated from its international operations.  

Recent Developments in Hanwha Techwin  

In July 2020, Hanwha Techwin introduced Wisenet7 SoC cameras. These cameras offer up to 4K high-resolution video providing clear images and well-contrasted images even in extreme backlighting conditions. Wisenet7 SoC includes WDR technology that helps reduce noise that occurs during the WDR imaging process. 

In June 2020, Hanwha Techwin launched four extender network cameras – XND-6081REV, XND-8081REV, XNV-6081RE, and XNV-8081RE that supports two devices at a time. The cameras offer high-resolution up to 5 megapixels and have built-in IR LEDs, which illuminate objects up to 50 meters from the camera at night. 

In April 2020, Hanwha Techwin introduced new Wisenet P series AI cameras for video surveillance. With AI technology, the cameras detect and classify people and vehicles in real-time. Wisenet P series AI cameras can accurately capture the unique attributes of objects such as faces and license plates while reducing false alarms caused by waving trees, video noise, and even shadows. 

Hanwha Techwin Europe introduced affordable high-definition megapixel Wisenet security cameras, allowing logistics centers to create a safer working environment and minimize claims for lost or damaged goods. 

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