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Fashion Design Software

StyleFile fashion design software is developed by Pattern work Inc. PatternworksIncis specialized in product development services for the Apparel Industry. Its broad range of services includes pattern making, digitizing, grading, prototype sewing, maker making to technical spec sheets, sketches for production, quality control and many more.StyleFileis a very useful tool helps to startups and small-scale fashion designing industry. StyleFile is a cutting-edge solution that provides all support starting from the first step i.e. visualization till the last step of in house sewing. It also helps to reduce production costs and increase efficiency. The fashion design software offer send-to-end solutions which is designed for Windows.

StyleFile Features

  • StyleFile fashion design software tools provide computer pattern services through exporting and importing files and spec sheets.
  • StyleFile can perform data entry, management, reporting and combines an easy to use interface with comprehensive tools to produce technical packages for the apparel industry.
  • StyleFile online fashion designing system offers Design Export, Fashion Illustrations, Pattern Layout, Print, Cut, Pattern, Color and Art Storage, Textile Pattern Design at one place.
  • StyleFile system can produces unique prints and patterns which have a stunning effect on clothes. It also provides computer added solutions for patterns layout, print and cut.
  • StyleFile Product Lifecycle Management(PLM) is an organizational software tool that stores, tracks and documents details and information with reports starting from the initial concept through all phases of production.
  • StyleFile software enables you to import and export computer design patterns directly. It also allows the users to import different formats and export in formats like HTML etc.
  • StyleFile software is reloaded with some unique pattern color and art. It understands the fabric pattern and structures and make changes as per the pattern.

Fashion Designing Software

Fashion designing software helps fashion designers and clothing manufacturers design clothing or clothing patterns with aesthetics. The software provides tools to create initial design drawings, product specifications, and individual pattern pieces. Traditionally, fashion designing was a manual process, time-consuming and also prone to human errors. Nowadays, this process is facilitated with the help of CAD fashion designing software. The designs created by the design team can be shared with team members or other departments and the designs go through multiple rounds of approval until a final design is reached and ready for manufacturing. 3D fashion designing software enables fashion designers to make sketches, designs, give effects, and other elements used for creating clothes, accessories, intimate apparel, shoes, jewelry, and more.

Leading vendors of Fashion Design Software include – F2iT, Conceptdraw, Delogue PLM, Wilcom, Autometrix, Exenta, Gather, Crea Solution, New Generation Computing, Modern HighTech, Techpacker, Nouvolution, Tukatech, C-Design, Gerber Technology, PatternMaker Software, SnapFashun Group, Mcneel, Vetigraph, Generational Digital, Zweave, Discover e-Solutions, Okkular, COREL and Browzwear.


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