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Bluewater is a cloud-based mobile lifecycle management and telecom expense management software platform for streamlining the management of mobility assets and telecom expenses. Bluewater’s provides services right from procurement to monitoring usage, assets, service support and cost management, invoicing and expenses, purchase to payment, linking assets to employees, cost centers, and all related activities in one central location. Bluewater’s an in-house engineering team provides mechanical, electrical, and controls design for their projects.

Bluewater Features

  • Bluewater provides the entire package from concept through to build and installation. It simplifies the entire process by centralizing everything to an interactive dashboard and automates tedious manual tasks for increasing efficiency and optimizing productivity.
  • Bluewater’s web-based interface offers real-time database updates. Its powerful AI technology helps to draw account of assets and expenses, preempts wastage and evaluates performances.
  • Bluewater expense management software helps to improve workflow and data quality, saving time, and reducing cost.
  • Bluewater consolidate the purchasing and approval process into one simple platform with a customised catalogue. It also captures approved assets and services in an organization defined catalogue for effortless and accurate procurement.
  • Bluewater offers an increased visibility on cost and usage, facilitating control and allocation of expenses, management of user behavior, improved governance and control of assets, timely identification of unallocated and potentially redundant services, closing the gap between procurement, billing, and asset management.
  • Bluewater helps to improve coordination and communication between team members by collaborating on cloud and minimizes the burden on the employees by automating tasks like billing and fetching expense reports. Request Bluewater Pricing to get more information

Expense Management

Expense Management Software refers to the systems used by businesses to process, pay, and audit employee-initiated expenses. The software manages expense claim, authorization, audit and repayment processes, technologies and services used to process and analyze the data. The software can help to simplify and automates a business’ expense entry, streamlines review, eliminates paper trail, and reduces administrative effort. It offers the capabilities for employees to input expenses for approval through a browser or mobile application. There are two types of expense management software – Standalone expense management software and Travel and expense management software.

Other vendors of Expense Management Software include VA Tech Ventures (Happay), usebx (Bx), KDS, Alice Inc, Concur Technologies Inc (SAP Concur), Zoho Corporation, Expend, Fyle Inc, Serko, Expensify Inc, Itilite Technologies Private Limited, Smart Thought Technologies, Prepaid Expense Card Solutions Inc, Paycom Software Inc, Ltse (Runway), Deem, Receipts, ReceiptBank, TechMojo Solutions Pvt Ltd (ROKA), DIVVY, PaperWorks, Brex Inc and High-Touch Communications Inc.

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