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Aves is a SaaS based deception technology developed by Aves Netsec. It is designed to protect client networks by depriving hackers of the ability to trust the information they collect. Aves offers advanced threat monitoring and detection systems for fast response to alerts. Aves is a well-defined framework that send alerts against potential attacks.  Aves Deception Platform enables placing of precision sensors to know the attacker’s point of view when carrying out a cyber-attack, and intelligently deploys deception decoys on their pathway. It comprises legitimate threat events with contextual threat information offering clarity to the end-user.

Aves Features

Aves cybersecurity Software adds a new layer of security to the network to deny the attacker from the ability to function and taking the reliability of the information the attacker collects.

Aves solution helps to understand attacker motives, build risk profiles, quantify attack impacts and later on allow them to improve their security posture for ransomware and advanced targeted attacks.

Aves security system capture, observe and mitigate malicious threats in the internal network. It also helps to capture the Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures (TTP) of the attacker to draw intelligence for understanding the attacker’s motives.

AVeS Cyber Security combines expert knowledge and services to provide comprehensive information security and advanced IT infrastructure solutions. It protects IT environments against the constantly evolving threat while delivering digital transformation aspirations.

Aves security system allows you to pinpoint the most critical operational risks of IT infrastructure and identify known security vulnerabilities before the attackers and evaluate the overall security of network systems, endpoint systems, email users and web applications.

Aves cybersecurity solution also helps to identify the presence of Illegal music, video and other copyrighted material on the corporate network and make an inventory of authorised and unauthorised devices and software on the network. The AVES Pricing provides subscription packages

Cybersecurity Software

Cybersecurity Software involves a set of security technologies and solutions, tools, policies, security concepts, guidelines, risk management approaches, and professional and managed services, to protect networks, computers, programs, and data from cyberattacks, damages, or unauthorized access. Cybersecurity focuses on protecting computer systems and their components – including hardware, software, data and digital infrastructure from unauthorised access or attacks. The major areas covered in cybersecurity are endpoint security, network security, application security, cloud security, wireless security, and others (database security and web security). The constantly evolving nature of security threats is one of the biggest challenges in the cybersecurity software market.

Leading providers of Cybersecurity Software include – Syneidis, Preemptive Solutions, Masergy, Tines, Coronet, Avg, Flashstart Internet Protection, Iboss, Exein, Saltstack, Incapsula, Cerber Tech Inc, Drivestrike, N7 – The Nitrogen Platform, Astra Security, Vectra, Lucy Security, Lookout, Flowmon Networks, Portswigger Ltd., Manageengine, Cylance, Sitelock Llc, Cloudflare and Crowdstrike.

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