Critical Factors To Consider Before Buying an Event Management Software

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An Event Management Software helps event organizers in managing all critical aspects of their events right from registrations and check-ins to marketing and reporting. An ideal event management solution helps in streamlining and automating back-office processes involved in running an event by coordinating between the tasks and activities of all the teams.

Factors To Consider


Is it required to cover the whole lifecycle of the event or just a part of it? End-to-end event management solutions provide planning, pre-event, and post-event management functionalities. They are suitable for large or recurrent events. Some event management solutions only offer specific functionalities. They are suitable for smaller projects. These sets of functionalities determine the pricing, which makes it important for buyers to assess the most important functionalities required and only opt for those.


It is highly unlikely that a single event management solution is capable of addressing all event management issues. A few important elements of an event also have a major impact on the entire event workflow and data; these are:  

  • Travel Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Mobile Payments
  • Help Desk and
  • Accounting

Hence, it is critical to choose an best event management software that can be integrated with other systems for enhanced event management.


Managing smaller projects may be challenging at times, but growing event management business presents challenges that demand high-quality event management software with advanced functionalities and a high level of scalability. An ideal event management solution can scale and is flexible enough to manage a greater number of participants, provide more advanced features for marketing, logistics, and other parts, and effectively support for large scale events.


Deploying a new event management solution with different tools that disturb established workflows can often be perplexing. Buyers need to check if vendors provide support for the whole team’s transition to managing events more efficiently and quickly with the new software. The vendor should be able to offer 24/7 support or the least with response time, not beyond 48 hours.

Social media

Nowadays, social media plays a huge role in popularizing any event. Prior to shortlisting an event management solution, buyers need to check if the software can be integrated with social media. Live streaming on Facebook or YouTube can also further enhance event coverage and help in inviting more number of participants at the event. The solution should also convert live streaming into recorded content that can be further uploaded for SEO purposes.

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