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Cassie is a secure, cloud-based, enterprise-level application developed by Syrenis Ltd. Cassie (formerly The Preference Centre) is a fully featured GDPR, CASL and CCPA compliance software that manages all aspects of personal data including SAR and FOI requests. Cassie is a personal information management platform provides end-to-end solutions designed for web app and access control, consent management and data mapping at one place. Cassie integrates into your infrastructure and offers self-service where individuals can directly access Cassie platform to manage their privacy settings and personal data 24/7. Cassie is used to manage contact, consent and preference data.

Cassie Features

  • Cassie is multi-lingual and multi-brand used to help in full-proof data protection journey. It allows for granular consent management and detailed matching rules can be easily configured.
  • It effectively manages the personal information and consent of every individual contact point via auditable information. Cassie cloud platform manages customer consent, marketing preferences and provides the customer with direct access and control to their consent and preferences via Public Portals.
  • Cassie compliance software supports a suite of modules that covers management, data collection and redistribution. The software gives a central view of the organization’s contacts, including consent and preferences.
  • Cassie provides full customization of the process, integrate with your existing systems, websites and additional incoming data sources. Its powerful application platform interface (API) allows cost-effective integration with other platforms and tools including email marketing or CRM systems.
  • Cassie includes personal information management, stakeholder relationship management and combining data from multiple sources.
  • Cassie protects IT investment by connecting to existing systems. Cassie update the systems with privacy changes in real-time or batch mode.
  • It allows to gather additional data directly via widget or API. Cassie pricing depends on the type of organisation

Compliance Software

Compliance management software is a business program used by organizations to help them in complying with legal, industry, security, and other regulations issues. It is used to continually track, monitor, and audit business processes to align with applicable laws, organizational policies, and the standards of consumers and business partners. Compliance management software is used to centralize, consolidate, automate and streamline business processes, files and communication relevant to meeting government, professional standards and regulations. The software supports to compliance management through document validation, training compliance, reporting any exceptional events and suggests essential actions to correct it.

Leading Compliance Software vendors include – Rhoads Online Institute, Processunity, Skillsoft, Shujinko, Meo-Business, Parapet, Riskonnect, Catelas, Advanced Fund Technology Group, Tonicai, Veracity Business Solutions, Smouse, Pilgrim Quality Solutions, Cososys, Standard Practice, Cebos, Passfort, Palo Alto Networks, Sentrient, Cimplyfive, Protenus, Isopro, Zendelity, Blueoptima and Starcompliance.


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