Comparing Best-in-Class Building Management Systems – Metasys vs. Desigo

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A building management system (BMS) is an automated network used for tracking and regulating the electrical and mechanical facilities offered by a house, including heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), and lighting. A BMS can integrate broader construction resources such as surveillance, access control, and elevator & protection systems. A BMS can be identified by many terms, like Building Automation Systems (BAS), Building Management and Control Systems (BMCS), and Building Energy Management System (BEMS), based on the particular implementation and configuration.

A BMS offers proprietors and operators automatic control from a simple, functional software platform to maximize the production and energy usage of their buildings. Installing a new BMS allows passenger convenience to be achieved efficiently, offering flexibility, increased efficiency, and decreased greenhouse gas pollution at the lowest feasible energy consumption.

A BMS may be procured as a full kit, designed, or incorporated as a way of incorporating current structures. Current BMS implementations are built on open collaboration protocols and are accessible on the internet, enabling device adoption by several system vendors.


Metasys is JCI’s building automation (BA) program. It incorporates heating, cooling, air conditioning (HVAC), illumination, health, and security systems, enabling integration with any of these features between devices. The convergence enables the visualization of the criteria of various building zones and rooms and the inspection of the required facilities at one place in the modern user interface of Metasys, which enables the construction manager in making informed decisions.


  1. Easy to Use Interface – The Metasys system provides facility managers with critical statistics on building efficiency at a glance and provides additional details in just a few clicks or swipes. In all operating systems, the Metasys design is similar; all configuration schemes allow changes in the same manner.
  2. Intuitive Technology – Metasys offers an intuitive GUI, with space-based control and equipment-serving collaborations that enable facility owners to locate and fix issues faster and render troubleshooting machinery faster. Metasys has an easy interface that is fast to grasp in special training sessions without hours wasted waiting or studying books. The impact stems from software and smartphone apps.
  3. Enhanced Mobility – Metasys optimizes accessibility. Facility administrators are not expected to spend their days at a computer. For any device — laptops, computers, iPads — the Metasys Unified Interface offers a full range of system capabilities, so facilities managers can handle their buildings anywhere they are and with whatever resource they need.


Desigo is Siemens’ state-of-the-art building automation tool. It combines all building features such as HVAC, lighting, window blindness, single-room control, and fire protection, defense, and managing resources. The software enables additional machines to be deployed in the future and can handle several systems and resources. It serves a full solution to construction.


  1. Open network – All major protocols comply. Different protocols can be conveniently enforced using the Desigo pilot. Furthermore, they provide personalized solutions and resources for current southbound communication or cloud platform requirements.
  2. Feature packed architecture – Desigo can be configured as a combination of various systems, teams, or software to meet those project requirements. The modularity and versatility of Desigo preserves one’s savings and allows the management of long-term operations.
  3. Efficient technologies – The Desigo building management system decreases construction training efforts with large repositories, automatic graphic design, and effective processing through professions.
  4. Easy process – Operators are supported in their routine activities with a guideline-oriented UI, assisted event management, and a building’s instant output monitoring. Desigo can also be operated from any device and location using the touch-sensitive Flex App.

Comparison Based on Protocols Supported ( Metasys vs Desigo )

All building management systems follow some protocols to safely and securely transmit information to other integrated systems. (Compare Metasys vs Desigo in Building Management System)

Protocol Metasys Desigo
BACnet Yes Yes
LonWorks No Yes
CANbus No No
Modbus Yes No
KNX Yes Yes

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